US Capitol

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One day, I took a tour of the  US Capitol. Well there—a picture says a thousand words.

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  1. love the pics from the US Capital, godfather.. cant wait to visit the US Capital soon 🙂

  2. Damn!!!!……. my trip to there wasn’t like this. we couldn’t even go in to take pictures, but maybe coz it was independence day so there where close? Anyway thx for the pics am intrigue about the different statues of the states and well the ole architectural side of the place. we visited this monument when i was about 15 yrs old or so. so at that time i really didn’t care about the ole Art aspect of the trip. i just wanted to get out of the sun and find food. hehehehe i love food. but it was a great trip with the family, actually the first to Maryland. we took some pics but not as great as yours. Next time am taking you as tour guide as well as photography. i promise to pay for only one of these gigs. the other you shall do it well coz i say so. loooool.

  3. What are some of the cool sightseeing places in your respective locations? I mean something close to your home. For someone that lives in a big state like Texas, I hope you won’t recommend some place that will require a 4 hour drive to get to!

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