My First “Aside”

I’ve heard lots of positive feedback and commentary about Tyler Perry’s new movie For Colored Girls, and I simply just can’t wait to go check it out. When I do, I’ll give you my review of the movie. I am hoping it is not a total flop! Oh by the way, you can expect regular movie reviews from GFP, because I am an avid movie watcher!

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  1. Ive heard good reports about this movie as well and I hope it comes 2 the UK…fingers crossed…for a second i thought GFW was something (or someone) else lol

  2. Hahahahaha…Taeeeee, i could have sworn GFW was “someone”. oh well i guess both of us can have our oops moment. But yea i really wanna go this movie as well. For one thing it has an amazing group of actress. These women are true “colored Girls”. Now i just need to get someone to pay for my Popcorn, Soda, Nachos and M&Ms. So see you guys at the movies. 😉

  3. hmm i thought that you didnt want to see this movie godfather, but oh ok… hopefully this movie will change your mind… and I will also get to see it this weekend as well…

  4. I am keeping my fingers crossed. Usually when I see a movie trailer, I can tell if I’d find it interesting or a total waste of time and dollars – and believe me, I have usually nailed the call.

    Now, I am eclectic with my movie tastes. There are movies I’ll find interesting which most people would consider a mindless bore. I got that sinking feeling when I saw the trailer to this movie. I just had this impression that it was simply going to be a formidable cast of well-known black female faces in Hollywood, but with little or no substance to the plot save to remind one of the constant and annoying cavilings of disgruntled black women to the stuff that life throws their way.

    Here’s to hoping that I am completely wrong.

  5. Can you write another post about this subject because this post was a bit difficult to fully grasp?

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