Daily Archives: December 6, 2010

Crying Parrot

LOL….a parrot crying like a baby. Imagine you are the owner of this pet and having to deal with this noise every night. Further imagine you have a real baby also and not being able to tell whether it is your baby crying or whether it is the parrot. Ok, also imagine, that your parrot and your baby decide to cry at the same in the middle of the night.

Are you getting the picture?

One crying baby in a house is enough. Now you have to deal with a crying parrot. Why would someone teach his/her parrot to cry like a baby anyway? In short, why do people even go out of their way to get these cacophonous birds as pets? What good are birds as pets anyway? All they do is sit in cages littering the place with bird droppings when they are not feeding. Or they are making all sorts of annoying tweets and chirps—or in the case of a parrot, crying like a baby!

Come on, admit it: a crying parrot is enough to make you start thinking of parrot stew or a parrot burger, right? Don’t deny it! 🙂

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