If you read this, you will discover that I love to take random pictures of scenery.  So, as I was going through my picture albums, I noticed some pictures I had taken when I went to Nigeria.

Here are some random pictures I took while I was being driven from place to place in Lagos. The pictures were taken from inside a car—so I want to apologize beforehand for the general poor quality of these pictures. The dusty environment and the unwashed windscreen made the pictures less than stellar. I know this picture set doesn’t speak too highly of my photo-taking skills, but I’ll encourage you to check out my gallery. You may see older but better pictures there.

At any rate, sit back and enjoy. If you recognize some places, feel free to name them.


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  1. How do u drive and take pics like this. you must have great photography skills. So, where were you heading? Hope you had fun. It looks like Nigeria. post some more plz.

  2. Man! I miss naija sooo bad now! Gosh! why did you post these pictures, Godfather! I need to go to naija this year Omo naija i don miss you well well ooo

  3. pictures look fab…quality is real good 2…i can hear naija screaming my name loool

  4. i miss nigeria… i recognize ikorodu road and ojota very well. it is near my old house in lagos. sigh…. home sickness has just washed over me. let me shed a few tears. brb

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