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BuniBuni: A Short Poem

A gentleman by the name of Mr Templa wrote a little poem about the Bunibuni  site especially the chat room there, and he has decided to share it with the public. I suspect that this poem may feature on the Bunibuni fan pages, or on the walls of some of the Bunibuni chat room regulars. Please enjoy!


Buni Buni a virtual world but made into reality by people

A thing of an imagination but brought to life by one’s dream

A place where color, gender or race knows no bond

A place of interaction and learning

Conflicting views erupt but subside within minutes

A small place but big enough to contain many hearts

A place of comfort for the lonely heart

A place where everything looks plain on the surface

But great things are going on behind the scenes

Flirting is part of this world; seriousness is not too far away,

Smartness is a rule, but not for all

A 24-hr life circle which never seems to ceases to function

A place that brings out the real and the fake side of humans

A place where the thoughts of one’s soul are expressed with the fingers

And the thoughts of the heart expressed with words of mouth

The cam gives the opportunity to place a face to the finger

And the mouth which speak forth from the abundance of the heart

A plain field why people of different cultures and backgrounds come

Together to interact on a common ground.

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