Dear Reader,
If you have never heard about or visited Bunibuni before, then you are the right place. This little write-up will briefly explain to you what Bunibuni is about. Let’s us plunge right in, shall we?
Have you ever watched a movie online? Have you ever joined a discussion forum online or on facebook? Have you ever been a part of any web-based community? Have you ever participated in a web chat with people from different parts of the country, or of the world? If your answer is “Yes” to any of these questions then you will not have a hard time understanding what I am about to say.
Bunibuni is a virtual watering hole for lovers of African movies all over the world. It is truly international in scope because the members of Bunibuni are not just people of African descent; members of Bunibuni cut across races, cultures, creeds or religious affiliation, sexual orientation, and educational backgrounds. It is a gathering place of remarkably diverse people united by nothing more than the desire to mingle. Another opinion would suggest that the chief uniting factor on Bunibuni is an appreciation of Africans and African cultures as passed on from African movies and music videos. Whatever the case may be, there is a vast network here bringing together people of radically different backgrounds and life experiences. No wonder the motto of Bunibuni (www.bunibuni.com) is “Meet, Interact and Thrive.”
Bunibuni boasts an impressive gallery of African movies that will be sure to keep you endlessly entertained for free. A small premium is charged for access to the classic zone, which additionally contains those timelessly memorable classics from years gone by. I cannot overemphasize how faithful and devoted our movie-watching base truly is. The reasons are obvious, aren’t they? Many of the active users of Bunibuni are Africans in far-flung corners of the globe, and thus Bunibuni movies serve as a means of informing and educating them and their friends about the contemporary issues on the motherland. Besides, some of these movies are extremely hilarious—thus providing therapeutic laughter for the hectic and stress-filled existence that is life in many foreign lands.
Furthermore, there is an active community very much like Facebook. In the Bunibuni community, you can meet or hook up with likeminded persons, join the same interest subgroups, share and exchange pictures, share status messages, send emails or private messages, share and enjoy movie recommendations etc. If you’ve ever been on Facebook, then this is exactly the same concept. Don’t hesitate to take advantage of this.
Bunibuni also has a presence on Facebook by the way. In case you want to join the ever-expanding family, you can also join us here.
If I stopped here, you can already see that I am talking about a vibrant community here. But also, there are news articles and other topical discussions that pop up from time to time on the homepage to keep people informed. As is usually the case, you can expect discussions and debates in the comments sections of the routinely posted news articles. Some of the discussions may be quite tempestuous in nature, but such is the nature of web commentary. One only needs to the read the comments section of YouTube videos to see how pungent or perhaps toxic the discussions can be. At any rate, I don’t expect comments to be of such a depressingly toxic quality that you find yourself utterly incapable of participating.
Finally—and for me personally, the best of all—Bunibuni also has a number of chat rooms where members can meet each other and discuss in real-time. It is not just enough that people have already been united by their love of African movies or that they might have also hooked up on some level in the Bunibuni community, or might have exchanged views, in written format, on the comment section of various news articles. That is just not enough. Bunibuni also features chat rooms where members can meet one another, see and hear one another, and carry a discussion live. The main concourse of such vibrant, spontaneous and interactive discourse is affectionately called the Livechat room or the Buni TV room. There is also the VIP chat room where private matters are discussed and settled. In addition to that, there is the Porch chat room which doubles as a second or additional chat room, and serves as a place where some special games are held. It is also useful to point out that there is also a little Meebo chat room that is accessible to everyone on the site as they are watching movies.
It is about the Livechat room and the wonderful people that I have been privileged to meet (and interact with) there over these years that I’ll henceforth speak on whenever I am moved to. I suspect that I’ll not do any justice to the memory and significance of the Live chat room by any narrative on my part. Nonetheless,  I’ll still endeavor, as time goes on, to bring you along this journey as I walk backwards in time down the halls of evergreen memory to present in some glimmering prose, this room that I was fortunate enough to be a part of—seeing as I have been there from the very beginning.


Over these years,  a lot of people have passed through the Bunibuni Livechat room—some never lasted more than a day; some have been around regularly but never want to mingle or be known; some have been around but choose not to be ever seen or ever heard. However, there are some that have come and joined the Bunibuni Family  (members of this family are simply regulars of the Buni Livechat room), and they have contributed in some form or fashion towards enriching my experience there. So here I have compiled the names of the people that I have had the privilege of  a) seeing on cam OR b) seeing on manycam OR  c) hearing their audio.  That is the criteria for making it to this list.
This is because it narrows down and modifies this list so that I am not left with the unenviable task of trying to jot down the multitudes of people that have ever surged through the doors of the Livechat room (with a number well into the thousands). This criteria helps to firmly identify the personalities I have met in that room as I realize that people can and do routinely log in anonymously. Please if your name  did not make it to this list, and you consider yourself a bonafide member of the Bunibuni family, do not take offence. The simple reason is that, hard as you may find this to believe, unless you have cammed up before, shown yourself on cam or spoken in the room, there can be no way to conclusively establish your identity. As far as I am concerned, you could be any one of the numerous but ultimately unrecognizable masses of flesh that flock to the room sometimes for purposes that are altogether unwholesome.
To be considered a part of the Bunibuni family, please endeavor to meet any of these criteria, and you will be accordingly updated. Of course, it goes without saying that there are characters who clearly do not want to be a part of this loving family, or some who have a host of  double identities and thus want to remain anonymous. Such persons have by their own actions decided that this criteria suits them, and I would hope that none of  such persons take this as a licence to launch unwarranted  bitter criticisms.  At any rate, this list was painstakingly compiled by the early part of this month. I expect that as time goes on, I will add more names to this list. If you meet the criteria above and your name is not on here, please indicate down there in the comment section, and your name will be added to an updated list. Also, if your stated location is incorrect or perhaps, you feel it is not specific enough, please indicate down here in the comment section and it will be corrected.
And on a final note: I deeply cherish and love unconditionally ALL the persons in our Bunibuni Family (the names down here) and may their memories remain evergreen in my heart.
Aaliyah F Austria Lil-K/Karina F Canada
Abby F UK Lilly F Texas
Abm M US LilStar F Switzerland
Abtessy F Ireland Lizatohbad/Lizabuni F Philadephia
Adaeze / Ada F Czech Lolo F Virginia
Adambaise F US Lovely/Maiden F Connecticut
Adamu M Lovetta Fatima F Colorado
Adanna F US Madman M Austria
Aeromax M Qatar Mamila F UK
AfricanKendoll/NaijaFallen M Maryland Mark/Mc (RIP) M ————-
Africanman M US Marvin Breaker M Ohio
Ahmed M UK Matgunnerzzz M Maryland
Aliebott F Canada Mezie M
Alomaboy M New Jersey Mihlehle F California
Alvin M Mikkey M New Jersey
Amaka F Illinois Misweetie F US
Amaya F US Misswheng/Prettywheng F Wisconsin
Amsterdambro M Netherlands Miztee/Mizt33 F Texas
Andy M Netherlands Mizzkelly F Ireland
Anniesatu/Anisa F Georgia MK F UK
Anthony M UK Molade F Teaxs
Aplus/Ukestuary M UK Moses M Sweden
Arinze M Mr.Ibu/Moneymaker M Italy
Ashleigh F UK Mr Sota M Minnesota
Asong/Godblessing F Ohio MsFluffy/Akomitipoju F US
Austin M UK Ms Pretty F Ohio
B2love F Texas Mylove4u F Tennessee
Beautiful/Goodgirl F Canada Naijababe F Canada
Beauty F UK Naijasemi F
Becky F Naijafynest M Maryland
Bianca F Texas Nasa M US
Biglover M France Ndbaby F Italy
Big One M Italy Nexos M  China
Black African M Texas New Persona F
Blaze M California Nikky Minaj F
Bola F UK Ninja M Canada
Bones/Tuvan M Ukraine Nk_Chick F Canada
Bouncin F Colorado Nolly Arsenal F Texas
Bowdre M Hongkong Noma F Indianapolis
Breanna/Demarq F Texas Nonny M Ukraine
Bribri F Georgia Obi/Oluchi/Lulu F Illinois
Brownbro M Washington Okoro/Ullaejike M Germany
Brunorasta M Olabisi/Sapna F Michigan
Bubbles F Olaolu M Georgia
Buni/Boonie M Maryland Olashile M Canada
Cavia F Canada Olivbabes F
Cheryl/Sherikoko F Canada Ololade/Oloriololade F
Chiboy M Oluwatobi M WashingtonDC
Chris M Canada Omgitspatience F
ChristianJoeOnorhiere M Omopupa F
Chuks M Maryland Omoruyi M Italy
Chyoma F France Omosexy F Nprway
Cjo Jojo F NewZealand Onosky F Turkey
Cliff M Iraq Onyi/Innocentme F NewYork
Cockroach/Dude/Hess/Mosquito M Newyork Opeyemi M Delaware
Comfort F Virginia Oyinbo/Jacqueline F Austria
Crosskey M Patricia F Germany
Crystal/Journee F California Patrickgamat M
Cutebear F Russia Peaches/Thickness F US
Daisy (with Lala) F California Peacynic/Peacy F UK
Dammy M Peculia/Mallammugu M UK
Danhese M Pen M Nigeria
Dashbabie F US Peteru/ChiefP M Texas
Davoo M Positivethinker/Dowatusay M Netherlands
DE/Okey M Germany Precious F
Deejay M UK Prettychild F US
Dejavu M Princessanita F Texas
Delicious F Russia Prin Vicky F Maryland
Delord M Spain Prince Iwuh M California
Diva/Tranny F US Princess Juubee F California
Doughboi M Georgia Prolifik M
Douksome/Moz M Virginia Puudo F
Dozzy M Queen F California
Edozie M Queenbee/Barbie F Canada
EmmanuelBongo M Queenie F Jamaica
Eric M Regina F Norway
Esther F Rhoda/Joy/Osato F Indianapolis
Eva/Gurlicious/AfricanQueen F Georgia Richie M Maryland
Evagreen M NewYork Rm 118/Kelechi F UK
Evaino/Tunde M Roman M Switzerland
Evans M SaJackson/Myson M US
Ezeofegusi M UK Sam/Nii Nortey M UK
Famara F Georgia Samuel/CEO M UK
Farah F NewYork Sahrbundor/Rejoyce F Canada
FineAngel F Italy Sandy1234 F Canada
Finestportable F Maryland Segun M UK
Flashjosh M US Sexilesbo F Texas
Flayzie M Sexygal F Virginia
Flyephy M UK Sexypam F US
Forbidden Apple F Florida Shawnmao M Boston
Forbidden Rose F Canada Show M Georgia
Foxgoldie/Firefoxegold F Canada Sia/Rani F New Jersey
Frank M Florida Sika Marfioso M Canada
Frankstein M Simplyymee F New Jersey
Freshadams M NewYork Sisieko F US
Fricky M UK Slam M
Futemoi F Slim/Chib M Maryland
Gaelenna/Glee F Georgia Slim Charles M Maryland
Gaqueen/Gamami F Maryland Smallpepper/Bee/Wizzyqueen F Texas
Geezybrim M SouthAfrican M Texas
Georgerogers M Splashjosh M
Gistdroppa F Canada Ssiinnggllee/Y2k M
Glory F Netherlands Stacy F New York
Godfather M Maryland Stefficoco F Chicago
Gold F Germany Sugarpearl F UK
Gozieezema M Sunny M
GQ/Everyoung M N. Carolina Sunshine F N. Carolina
Green M Canada Suq/Style M UK
Gwadagirl F Kentucky Sweetbaby F France
Hanology F Netherlands Sweety/Mistura F UK
Hans M Connecticut Taee F UK
HBK M UK Tamara F Italy
Homegrown F Canada Tasha F Kenya
Honey373 F Tea F
Honeybee/Bosslady F Texas Teediddy M Maryland
Honeybunn F Maryland Teezymuahz F Russia
Hunglow M Nigeria Temi/Erielover M New York
Iby F Canada Templa/Dondozo M Georgia
Ike M Texas Teria F
Innocent Angel F UK The1youlove1st F Virginia
Irenylicioux F Poland Time M Chicago
Iwonka F Germany Tintin M Maryland
Iyalode F NewYork Tinny M
Jadog M Chicago Tish123 F UK
Jamaicanshane M Jamaica Tluv M Colorado
Jamal M Texas Tochi F Minnesota
Jawbreaker/Jude M Texas Tomjames M Virginia
Jay M Virginia Truelly M Italy
Jaywine M Netherlands Tunde M
Jedisax/Omare/Paparazzi M Tutu/Mimi/Neveah/SassyGalleria F Maryland
Jeff M Ugoboss/Nwaowerri M Texas
Jen F Italy Uju4eva F
Jeremiah M Valentina F Ohio
Joe M Kentucky Vaphotograph M
Joepappy/DoctorP M Venezia F Poland
Johanlina F California Verabarbie F Bulgaria
Joke Onifade F Victor M UK
Judas M Victor/Barca M Russia
Judemoore M Sweden Victoria/Vicky/MrsMatthews F UK
Katja F Germany Victorialovinggaga F Estonia
Kehindayishere F US Virgobreh M
Ken M China William M Philadelphia
Kentee/Iyken M UK William M Malaysia
Kinkey F Georgia Willydotcom/Ferrari M Spain
Lalaliciouslipz/Nwababy F California Yori/Iyore F California
Lagosboy / Abbey M Ohio Yorilara/Swaggerlicious F Netherlands
Lampard M France Youalreadykno/Africanneega M NewYork
Ledi23 F UK Youngkutz M US
LilAngel F Zigzag M Nebraska
LilDon M Ishh M
Dayouna F Haiti

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