When was the last time you actually sat back and watched a real Gyration video? I am talking about the kind of swanky beats and singing that you would normally find dominating the Kegite Clubs of different Nigerian universities. Well, here is one superb one from Emeka Rollas called Iyogo.

Get your dancing shoes and get ready to rock to this. You don’t need to understand what is being said necessarily— just watch the fun and happiness and dancing, and see if you will not be infected by it.


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  1. I really enjoyed the song even tho I didnt understand most of the song but it did get me to dancing on my bed. I especially loved the part towards the end of the video that the girl’s parents were dancing. The dad was so funny and I was even imagining that my own dad was dancing like that…. 🙂

    • LOL Juubee…If you can’t dance like some of those people in that video, then you have to start learning and practicing now. Just think–when you go to that your town’s national convention, you know there’s no way anyone’s going to be breakdancing there.

      • lol godfather, of course I know no one is going to be breakdancing there but last year’s convention, I danced perfectly fine and I can dance like a few of the people in the video not all but I will still practice and learn a few more steps for this year’s convention

  2. I want to download Emeka Rollas Gyration “Iyogo” mp3 but it’s wasn’t successful. Give the link so that I can download it. Thanks

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