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Back On The Saddle

Hello Dear Reader:

I have been tied down severely over the past month and as such I did not get to update this blog as often as I would have preferred. Please, do not worry as I am back at the steering wheel now. Please check in regularly or subscribe so that you can receive the regular updates.

How much are you paying for gas  this summer? It is approaching $3.59/gallon here. With the bad shape of the economy, this is an added burden on many people. One may have to start thinking seriously of alternative means of transportation now—carpooling is beginning to look attractive to me now.

Two days ago, on a day we had well over 93 degrees of intense scorching heat, I entered my car to find out that the A/C just wouldn’t work; and for no discernible reason. I struggled in vain with the control knobs, hoping that I was just not fiddling with the correct knobs. How was I going to sit in this oven of a car?  Nothing worked at all and with deep resignation, I decided to take it to the mechanic this weekend.  It was with great joy however, that i discovered, upon my entering the vehicle today, that the problem had somehow been fixed. Yeah, that sounds crazy but my A/C is working again today and I couldn’t be anything but pleased. Now, I know I am going to burn even more fuel by using the A/C, but when you consider the oppressive heat inside this car, baked as it is by the daytime sun, you would not mind paying the extra bucks to keep the insides of this metal horse cool and comfortable.

In any case, who would agree to add you to a carpool if your car doesn’t have air-conditioning? Has the increasing cost of gasoline affected you in any way?

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