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Happy 51st!

This is just to celebrate with the millions of Nigerians both home and abroad on the 51st Independence day celebrations. On October 1, 1960, Nigeria formally gained her independence from Great Britain.  I realize that many Nigerians are cynical about all the  profuse celebrations going on when they look around and see economic hardship, general insecurity, political malfeasance, infrastructural decay, austerity, and general backwardness. They may wonder why anyone would want to celebrate a nation like Nigeria which must appear to be a failed state.

I recognize all these Brobdingnagian setbacks but nevertheless, I feel compelled to celebrate with people who despite the woes manifest in their homeland, are simply eager to acknowledge  and proclaim their Nigerian connections and pride. Of course there is work to be done, and I hope that beyond the fleeting mass hysteria and wild partying that October First induces, Nigerians of all stripes would find the time once again for deep and sober reflection on the nation’s abysmal state of affairs.  And having done such reflection, that they may find themselves sufficiently motivated to work for the greater good. This may seem like a mere wish to you, but for me, it is also a silent prayer.

Here’s Why She Won’t Ask

Shy Woman--She's definitely thinking something but just won't say.

On Bunibuni Facebook group page, Misweetie suggests:

‎13 things a girl wants, but won’t ask for:

1. Touch her waist. 2. Actually talk to her. 3. Share secrets with her. 4. Give her your hoodie. 5. Kiss her slowly. 6. Hug her. 7. Hold her. 8. Laugh with her. 9. Invite her somewhere. 10. Hangout with her and your friends together. 11. Smile with her. 12. Take pictures with her. 13. Pull her onto your lap. Boys repost this if you would ACTUALLY do it. Girls repost this if you would love a boyfriend like that.

1. No, she won’t want you to be grabbing her waist anytime you feel like in public. Guys don’t buy this especially if you are not even her BF. She’ll more than likely shove you off angrily, call you a pervert or call the cops. She only wants to her waist to be grabbed when she is in a tender sexual or romantic mood, not whenever you feel like it.

2. No, what a girl wants is for you to listen. That’s what they complain that guys don’t do. She is perfectly capable of talking all by herself till your ears bleed. All you have to do is sit there and pretend to listen.

3. Guys, the only reason she may be afraid to ask you to share a secret with her is because, if you reverse the positions and ask her to tell her own related secret experience, it would turn out to be a disaster for her. For example, she will be afraid to ask you to tell her if you’ve slept with another girl while you 2 were still dating. This is because if you ask her that same question, the truth would be that she has banged all your guy friends, your younger brother plus the postman.

4. Why would she want to ask you for your hoodie? Why would she want a hoodie in the first place? Get your own miserable hoodie, girl. I don’t come asking for your blouses and things. Yeah, you better not be asking for my pants next. Guys, you better make sure she is not a tranny.

5. Girls want to be kissed passionately. Agreed. Now, why would your girl NOT ask for that? Or rather, why would you not ask your BF to do that? One of you better start paying closer attention to your dental hygiene.

6, 7,8, 9,10. Why would a girl desire to be held, hugged, laughed with and invited to functions and yet refuse to ask her man to do these things? The least she could do is ask; it is not like you’ll get what you ask for always but you should at least be able to ask. If she doesn’t want to ask then chances are that 1) her shoulders are too narrow that hugging her is nigh impossible(she’ll slip out of your embrace like an eel any time you try), 2) You don’t want to appear like a doting adult holding her hands like she is some 6-year-old 3) She laughs like a hyena; or whenever she laughs and bares her dental braces, you find yourself shutting up in fright at the sight of all those metal wires in her mouth 4) The last few times that you invited her out to hang out with your colleagues, she flew into a jealous rage whenever you tried to talk to your female associates. And so she wisely knows not to ask now because you would sooner agree to stick wild and unpeeled pineapples up your rectum than invite her anywhere near the respectable company of friends.

11. Smile with her? What—people go around smiling for no reason? Girl if you say something truly hilarious then I’ll smile. And it would not be because you asked. This is an involuntary response. I can’t be made to smile with you when I see nothing funny. If you want me smiling more than I care to, you better be as funny as Russel Peters, Patrice O’Neal, or Earthquake.

12. If she wants you to take pictures with her and somehow is unable to ask, don’t worry because this is  perfectly fine. Guys please do not suggest it. Trust me you don’t need all these pieces of evidence lying all over the place. She wants her picture on your phone, on your bedroom walls, on your desk, in your car, on your desk at your job, everywhere; even dogs do not wear their owners’ dog collars every time. Another reason she may not ask that is because she has some self-esteem issues and does not want to be seen in pictures. You know what I mean: she may think her nose is too big, or that her hair is a mess, or that her teeth are crooked, or that her breasts are of uneven size, or that her clothes are tacky, or that her acne, blackheads, pimples, eczema, warts, mole may not reflect positively on her, or that she is not in a charitable mood, or that she woke up on the wrong side of the bed, or that that the planetary bodies are not perfectly aligned, etc. You know how it goes—the list of potential excuses is inexhaustible. Guys just thank your lucky stars if she hasn’t started bugging you with picture requests. When she gets over her paranoia, she’ll definitely want to figuratively pee all over you to mark her territory—and that would come in the form of strapping you down with every visible reminder that she is your girlfriend.

13. This is a no-brainer. If the girl does not want you to pull her onto your laps, it must be because if that were to ever happen, her weight would cut out the circulation in your legs and possibly paralyze you. In this case, she is being considerate and you should reward her reticence by letting her be. She realizes that she is not a laptop, your cat, an infant, or your favorite book, newspaper or magazine, and so has no reason to ask you to put her on your lap. Her happy tushie belongs on a sofa and not on your lap. If she fancies your lap more comfortable than the sofa around, she either needs to lose some weight, or it may be her indirect way of suggesting that you may consider changing the old and uncomfortable upholstery you have. Either way, if she does not ask, you don’t have to bring it up. Just count your blessings and keep it moving because chances are that while she has seemingly neglected to colonize your lap, she’ll definitely be coming up with some bizarre request later on to make up for all the little concessions she had already given.


Someone Like You

I came across this and felt like sharing.  Here, you have two regular people who just picked up a song by Adele and sang it as beautifully as they could. I don’t know if they are professional singers, or whether they’ve had some voice training before this. But as you can see, their rendition was beautiful—in fact if you didn’t know that they were just regular folk, you might be forgiven for thinking that they are superstar singers of some sort.

NFL Picks: Week 3

This week’s Monday Night football promises to be very interesting: it is a showdown between the Washington Redskins and the Dallas Cowboys. We all know the bitter rivalry between the two teams and how they always give these division games their 110%. I am personally not  invested in the outcome of this match one way or the other; I’ll simply watch to see who eventually emerges victorious. At any rate, let us consider these:

a)      The Cowboys usually beat the Redskins whenever they meet in these division games. I don’t have the exact stat, but if you go back and check, you will see that in the clashes between the Redskins and the Cowboys especially in the past 10 years, the Cowboys have won the clash far more than the Redskins did.

b)      But Tony Romo the Cowboys quarterback is not very healthy this time around. He has a fractured rib and a punctured lung so I actually do not expect him to be on the field at all. There are reports that the punctured lung has healed and that it may be possible for him to play. If it is true that he has recovered, and he actually does start, then I expect that the Cowboys will be victorious.

c)      The Redskins have a real shot at defeating the Cowboys in Dallas this time. Their quarterback Rex Grossman seems equal to the task. Besides, I expect the Redskins defence to go after Tony Romo with blitzes if he does play. A powerful hit on Romo—one which ends his night—will surely have a demoralizing effect on the Cowboys. The reason is very obvious: the Cowboys are better when Romo is at the helm.

d)      The Redskins are 2-0 while the Cowboys are 1-1. This means that after week 2, the Redskins are at the top of the NFC East. This is going to provide extra motivation for the Cowboys to play their hearts out to defeat the Redskins as that would mean snatching the leading position at the NFC East division. I am going to pick the Cowboys to win this epic Monday Night Battle; but I note that for two straight weeks, I chose the Redskins to fail and they won both times.

Jacksonville Jaguars AT Carolina Panthers = Carolina Panthers

Houston Texans AT New Orleans Saints = New Orleans Saints

New England Patriots AT Buffalo Bills = Buffalo Bills

Miami Dolphins AT Cleveland Browns = Cleveland Browns

Denver Broncos AT Tennessee Titans = Tennessee Titans

New York Giants AT Philadelphia Eagles = Philadelphia Eagles

Detroit Lions AT Minnesota Vikings = Detroit Lions

San Francisco 49ers AT Cincinnati Bengals = San Francisco 49ers

New York Jets AT Oakland Raiders = Oakland Raiders

Kansas City Chiefs AT San Diego Chargers = San Diego Chargers

Baltimore Ravens AT St Louis Rams = Baltimore Ravens

Green Bay Packers AT Chicago Bears = Green Bay Packers

Arizona Cardinals AT Seattle Seahawks = Seattle Seahawks

Atlanta Falcons AT Tampa Bay Buccaneers = Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Pittsburgh Steelers AT Indianapolis Colts = Pittsburgh Steelers

Washington Redskins AT Dallas Cowboys= Dallas Cowboys

Plasas: To Eat Or Not To Eat?

After 12 Café African and Carribean Carryout

I was talking to a Sierra Leonean friend of mine recently and somewhere along the discussion I remarked that I had never tasted a Sierra Leonean dish. Judging by her reaction, it was as if I had said something that was completely incredible. How was it possible that I had some Sierra Leonean (Salone) friends and never got to try one of their dishes? On different occasions she had mentioned that she cooked something called plasas—and I think at this point I really wanted to know what plasas looked and tasted like.

So she started to describe this Salone dish called plasas in a tone of voice that suggested it was something I would really love to try. Now, if you know anything about me, you know that I absolutely love a challenge—and I’ll try any dish at least once to see what it might taste like. I might pass out afterwards, but it will never be said that I was presented with a properly cooked traditional African dish and I simply refused to taste it.

Now, her attempt to describe this dish was not a success at all. She ended up confusing me. It was probably the excitement of wanting to win me over to some Salone cuisine, but somehow in the process of describing what plasas were she had mentioned potato leaf, cassava leaf, bitter leaf, pepper soup, boil soup, peanut butter soup, rice and stew, okro, fufu, tola and a lot of other things. My eyes began to cloud over; it was just a lot of information. As she explained, she said that plasas was just a mixture of leaves with creatures!  I immediately began to cringe. I had that uncomfortable feeling one might have when confronted with a disgusting sight. What sort of unsightly little vegetation-ingesting little creatures like caterpillars or grubs might have actually made their way into the pot? At that point, unsure of how to describe this without confusing me any further, she simply began to look for an online picture to show me just what the dish was like.

While she searched, I took the opportunity to deride Salone cuisine. How indeed could people eat sugary or sweetened akara balls? How is it possible for someone to drink garri with salt instead of sugar? And on what planet, do people eat rice with groundnut paste? Yes, I told her quite plainly that in my estimation, and judging by some of the things they ate regularly, Sierra Leoneans had a weird palate. Now, if you are a Sierra Leonean reading this, resist the temptation to swear at me under your breath or to simply close the page. I was only kidding, okay? Don’t get your undies in a twist already. My heckling only served to get her to poke fun at Nigerian cuisine which sort of amused me greatly.

At long last, she found a picture and triumphantly showed it to me. It was as though in her mind she was saying. “Get a load of this yummy goodness and see if you are not simply blown away!” Well, to be quite frank, the picture I was shown was indistinguishable from the byproducts of a child with a severe case of the runs. One look at that fecal lookalike was all I needed to decide not to ever try plasas at all.  But if you recall, I love a good challenge. So, I asked her to find me a Sierra Leonean restaurant or food carry-out place so that I could go there and at least try something. Perhaps, the picture was not doing justice to this particular dish or she might simply have obtained a less presentable picture of what could in fact be a gorgeous dish.

Soon she was able to locate a restaurant here. It was called After 12 Café African and Carribean Carryout. She furnished me with the address of this place, and all that was left was for me to man up, go to this place, and order something.  What’s the worst that could possibly happen if I did not like the dish? In the worst case scenario, I’ll just fling the obscenity (if it was truly horrendous) into the trash, and thenceforth remember not to eat anything that I was not familiar with should I ever find myself in a Sierra Leonean’s house.

So when I was good and ready, I actually went down there like I had determined to do.

Main Menu Board

It was a very small restaurant—if indeed the place could be called a restaurant. It was more like a tiny office space restructured to look like a place of business; I imagined it has a makeshift kitchen sitting in the back of a front counter sealed off by bullet-proof glass; all around the little room, you could see different Salone-related articles on display. Indeed, it was just a carryout; a little Salone carryout. To say the least, I was a little disappointed. In hindsight, it was probably a good thing that I didn’t bring someone along with me on this first attempt. You can imagine how crushed they would have been if I had left all the comparatively bigger and nicer dining places to come to this little makeshift carryout place.  I kept wondering if I should just turn around and leave. At any rate, I comforted myself with the thought that I came there on a first-case, experimental basis and that being the case, only the quality of the food should count—not  the interior décor, nor the ambience, nor indeed the professionalism of waiters/waitresses as the case may be.

The Side Menu Board

After looking around for what must have seemed like an eternity, I walked up to the man behind the bullet-proof glass panes and ordered my extra spicy potato leaf plasas with white rice and meat. I paid for the food and left promptly. I definitely would not eat at the lonely table they had sitting dejectedly in the corner—certainly not when other people who sauntered into the place could order their food, stand around looking at me, get their orders and roll right out. I went home and settled down to try this Salone dish. I must go through this ordeal; the die had been cast.

Potato Leaf Plasas

I tasted the first scoop.  I remembered immediately that I had eaten something like this before from a Liberian friend of mine. I won’t trouble you further with many words at this point—the long and short of it all is that I absolutely loved the plasas and thus devoured the food hungrily. I’ll definitely go back there again to try other dishes.

Happy 100th!

It is hard to believe but this blog has reached an important milestone. This is the 100th post. Hurray!

I still remember how I kept on dillydallying about setting up this blog. Finally, I was practically shoved into it. On the 11th day of November 2010, Godfather’s Panorama was born, and it has continued to grow since then. Frankly, I did not think that I’d have the commitment needed to run this blog, but as the days go by I find myself deeper in love with the WordPress Theme Team and their commitment to excellence—that in turn motivates me to want to do more. And so, as often as I think of throwing in the towel, I’ll take a look at my blog, note how aesthetically pleasing it is and somehow I find the inner strength to keep going.

However, I would not have reached this milestone were it not for you my faithful readers. Therefore this celebration is really for you. Continue to check in and leave your comments and feedback like you’ve been doing before.  Remember, if there are topics you would like me to consider writing about please click on the Guest page at the top and leave your suggestions.

I will not fail to recognize the highest commenters on my blog. Their contributions are greatly appreciated, and I hope they will continue to give me their unvarnished feedback.

a)      Nigerian Princess –57 comments

b)      Moladay –28 comments

c)      Siarani –18 comments

d)      Akinyemi Jegede –11 comments

e)      Trip Pen –11 comments

f)       Taee –11 comments

g)      Taee1 –10 comments

h)      African Kendoll – 8 comments

i)        Gateway360 –7 comments

j)        Lulu –7 comment.

Now to be fair, Akinyemi Jegede is the same person as Trip Pen, so his combined total is 22 comments. The same goes for Taee and Taee1—her combined total is 21 comments. In the future, I hope they’ll stick with one specific name so that their net comments continue to increase proportionately. Please keep the comments coming!

Raw Stats: GFP has a total of 447 real comments (including my own comments) scattered over 99 blog posts. Of course we know that there are spam comments out there, and unsurprisingly, GFP has somehow managed to amass a whopping 2,211 of them. The most commented blog was My Bunibuni Family, which was given its own page (of course you are still welcome to visit that page and comment if you have not yet done so). GFP has received 12, 173 blog hits since it was born. GFP has only 18 subscribers. Come on people, you may need to subscribe to the blog so that you’ll be automatically informed whenever I drop something new.

The blog’s 1 year anniversary is coming up in little under 2 months. By this time next year, my hope is that GFP would have grown the more.


NFL Picks: Week 2

Last week I pulled off a pathetic 47% with my picks. If I was a betting man, I guess I would have been in pain last Sunday. However, let’s see how badly I’ll perform with this week’s picks.

Seattle Seahawks AT Pittsburgh Steelers = Pittsburgh Steelers

Oakland Raiders AT Buffalo Bills = Buffalo Bills

Arizona Cardinals AT Washington Redskins = Arizona Cardinals

Tampa Bay Buccaneers AT Minnesota Vikings = Minnesota Vikings

Jacksonville Jaguars AT New York Jets = New York Jets

Chicago Bears AT New Orleans Saints = New Orleans Saints

Green Bay Packers AT Carolina Panthers = Green Bay Packers

Baltimore Ravens AT Tennessee Titans = Baltimore Ravens

Kansas City Chiefs AT Detroit Lions = Detroit Lions

Cleveland Browns AT Indianapolis Colts = Cleveland Browns

Dallas Cowboys AT San Francisco 49ers = San Francisco 49ers

Cincinnati Bengals AT Denver Broncos = Cincinnati Bengals

San Diego Chargers AT New England Patriots = New England Patriots

Houston Texans AT Miami Dolphins = Houston Texans

Philadelphia Eagles AT Atlanta Falcons = Philadelphia Eagles

St Louis Rams AT New York Giants = New York Giants

Of ‘Killer’ Phone Calls

Ok, have you heard the latest rumor circulating?

I got a call from Naija a few days ago and after the discussions, my interlocutor asked me whether I knew what was going on in Naija. I was about to hang up the phone when this question came flying at me. So, I paused and asked to be told what this all-important news was. You see, usually when I call Nigeria, I try to get posted on the latest events—sometimes, I get the new information before they make it to the online Nigerian newspapers. Yes, word sure travels fast back in Naija.

In a partly unserious, partly scared tone of voice, he informed me that about 5 people suddenly dropped dead somewhere in Adamawa state after they replied a call from some anonymous 5 digit number. So the word spread like wildfire throughout the federation, and people are now being extra-cautious about picking up calls from 5 digit numbers. To understand why this would cause some panic, there is no telecommunications network in the entire country on which you could get a 5, 6 or even 7 digit number for your cellphone or landline. They are usually 10 or 11 digit numbers.

But why was this scary? According to the person who gave me this info, we’ve heard and seen a spate of violence from Boko Haram. His suggestion was that disgruntled and hidden Boko Haram members, fortified with great juju charms, have devised a new means of wasting lives. They would give you a call from this 5 digit number 09141, and as soon as you picked up the call, you would collapse and die—ostensibly from the devastating power of the charms which were being channeled across phone lines.

Hmmmmmm—dis naija people sef. Oh by the way, you can stop laughing now. You think I don’t see you smiling to yourself there?  But on a serious note: Why are so many Nigerians so superstitious and gullible?

I started to laugh after he finished his tale. In a stern voice, he demanded to know why I found the account amusing. I suppose in his mind, and given the plethora of scary supposedly supernatural events he had heard (but never seen), this was something to take seriously; something you dare not scoff at. This was probably in line with what he might have thought or suspected.

Pray tell me, how does one begin to answer this query? How exactly do you convince someone like him that the story is a hoax, or at best heavily embellished? How do you explain to him that people just do not slump and die from answering phone calls? How do you get him to understand that since he was never there and never personally witnessed the story, he couldn’t tell if 5 people really died—and if they did, what the full circumstances of their death was?  Who was it that did the autopsies of these dead people, or who exactly was the investigator that revealed all 5 (or however many casualties there supposedly were) had the particular ‘deadly’ number as the last calls on their phones? How do you explain to him that if at all 5 people died after picking phone calls, then you should first suspect that these unfortunate dead people were tracked and personally executed—and so didn’t die magically from getting a phantom  killer call?

When I began to persuade him not to pay attention to this nonsense, he quickly shot back at me that I was the one who was living in some lala-land because I have allowed myself to be deceived into thinking that rumors like these must have perfectly natural explanations which ought to rob them of their capacity to inspire fear and dread. He claimed that I had completely westernized my mindset and values and I have simply refused to acknowledge the ability of evil persons to channel their malicious ill-will to their targets through whatever technology is available.

I must admit it sounded like a compelling accusation. But when we x-rayed the details of this account, we found out that it really ought to be treated as a rumor. First was the fact that there was no compelling evidence for these claims—there did not seem to be any eyewitnesses to the account, nor any investigators who could verify the cellphones and the ‘killer numbers’. Secondly was the convenient distance and remoteness of the said account. This happened in some nondescript rural environ in an already sparsely populated dusty Adamawa village—at the very edge of nowhere. Thirdly was the fact that since the rumors began to spread it seems as if there have not been any further casualties. Why indeed would these supposedly malicious mobile phone murderers suddenly cease their operation seeing as there was virtually little to no means of being caught? And are we to believe that since this rumor started spreading a few days ago, everybody in Nigeria is now currently aware of this ‘deadly’ number 09141—aware and scared of the number so much so that they have taken great pains to not answer a possible call from the number? How possible is it to believe that these cellphone mercenaries could not find at least one unlucky chap out of 150 million (who perhaps due to sleepiness, tiredness or sheer carelessness) unknowingly answers a call from the ‘killer’ number a few seconds before realizing that he should not have done so?

By the time I was done talking to him in this manner, he was now laughing along with me at the transparent hilariousness of this claim. It reminded us of other urban legends and superstitious hogwash that one can find a dime a dozen in Nigeria. A clever spinner of tall tales is certainly going to enjoy this gullibility-rich environment. It is almost as if a great number of people come pre-packaged with a propensity for believing the utterly absurd. How easy to tap into this rich fountain of unquestioned credulity!

My friend was laughing with me at this stage, not quite sure how he could have allowed himself to be taken in by this obvious sham. As we were laughing at this absurdity, I suddenly stopped laughing and in a serious tone of voice I asked him:

“Hey, what if a call comes to your phone now from that 5 digit number. You will definitely pick it up now that you agree with me that this was just a silly hoax, right?

“You must be mad”, he shot back at me quickly “why would I want to do something stupid like that—did someone tell you that I am tired of my life or something? Stop this joke at once!”

And the line went dead.

Ten Years Ago

On September 11, 2001 the USA was attacked by the terrorist network known as Al Qaeda when some of her agents hijacked about 4 airliners. Two had flown into the World Trade Center, one flew into the Pentagon, and the last one was intended for the Whitehouse. But when the Americans on the hijacked aircraft discovered that the hijackers had no intention of landing the plane, the reports have it that they bravely confronted the hijackers and caused it to crash before it ever got to the Whitehouse. At the end of that horrible day, over 3000 Americans were dead on their own shores.

I remember turning on the television sometime that morning and watching in abject horror as the planes slammed into the building. I remember how I couldn’t quite decipher whether I was watching was real event or a movie. As I looked, I distinctly remember when I saw the people at the uppermost floors of the World Trade Center jump off the building and plummet to their deaths. It was a very painful and sad time. If the terrorists aimed to silence the American spirit, or to break the unity of this nation, then they failed spectacularly. The fact is that the event served as a rallying and unifying cause for an American populace that was already divided along racial, class and political lines. The World Trade Center has not been exactly rebuilt like it should, but work is ongoing. The terrorists clearly failed.

Today, I just want to join Americans here and abroad to remember the 9/11 victims and the first responders who, at the risk of life and limb, came rushing into the disaster zone to save their fellow Americans—it must be pointed that some of them actually sacrificed their own lives for their own countrymen. May the good Lord continue to comfort their families for their painful loss.

America the Beautiful:

O beautiful for spacious skies,

For amber waves of grain,

For purple mountain majesties

Above the fruited plain!

America! America!

God shed His grace on thee,

And crown thy good with brotherhood

From sea to shining sea!


NFL Picks: Week 1

In the American National Football League, anything can happen on any given Sunday. It is not like one of these leagues where you can predict with over 85% accuracy the outcome of weekly games. It is probably why there is a lot of high stakes betting and gambling with the results of weekly games. Sometime in the past week, a friend of mine asked me to give him my picks for the winners of the NFL’s season opening games.

Now, I have to point out that while I love football (I watch it as often as the opportunity presents itself), I have never quite given much thought to betting or predicting the outcome of games. In my mind, that is what ESPN is there for—to provide stats, results, and analysis of games. I only felt emotionally attached to the games involving my Indianapolis Colts and my Philadelphia Eagles but I have not betted some money on their games recently. So to humor my friend (I must point out that he is something of a gambler), I gave him my picks for this first week. I do not know if he wrote my selection down or indeed what he intends to do with it, but that got me thinking. I felt like I should probably make this a weekly affair for the 16 weeks of this football season.

You have to realize that I am doing this solely for my entertainment—for one, I don’t believe that I’ll do better than 40% with these predictions as I am not claiming to have a crystal ball here. In any case, I don’t believe I’ll do much worse with my predictions than the self-important talking heads on ESPN. Secondly, I believe that this will make me even more interested in the outcome of games played by other divisions of the NFL.

The first game of the season has been played, and the Green Bay Packers beat the New Orleans Saints 42-34. I’ll give my predictions for the next 15. Check in next week for predictions about the second week.

a)      Pittsburgh Steelers AT Baltimore Ravens = Pittsburgh Steelers

b)      Cincinnati Bengals AT Cleveland Browns= Cleveland Browns

c)      Indianapolis Colts AT Houston Texans= Houston Texans

d)      Tennessee Titans AT Jacksonville Jaguars= Tennessee Titans

e)      Buffalo Bills AT Kansas City Chiefs= Kansas City Chiefs

f)       Atlanta Falcons AT Chicago Bears= Chicago Bears

g)      Detroit Lions AT Tampa Bay Buccaneers= Tampa Bay Bucs

h)      Philadelphia Eagles AT St Louis Rams= Philadelphia Eagles

i)        New York Giant AT Washington Redskins= New York Giants

j)        Carolina Panthers AT Arizona Cardinals=  Arizona Cardinals

k)      Seattle Seahawks AT San Francisco 49ers= Seattle Seahawks

l)        Minnesota Vikings AT San Diego Chargers= San Diego Chargers

m)    Dallas Cowboys AT New York Jets= New York Jets

n)      New England Patriots AT Miami Dolphins= New England Patriots

o)      Oakland Raiders AT Denver Broncos= Denver Broncos

May the better teams win!

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