National Gallery Of Art

One rainy day in May, I went to the nation’s capital to check out the National Gallery of Art. I was not an Arts major (or anything like that), and I can’t really boast of having an eye for exquisite works of art. But as I was walking around Washington DC, I suddenly decided to see what sort of sights that this art gallery could afford. So, I walked to the huge doors only to discover that they were not yet open at that time of the morning.  I had to wait with a number of people who had apparently trekked to that spot for the same reasons.

Once I was inside, I whipped out my camera and started taking pictures of these paintings and sculptures I could find. I was rather in a hurry because from the outside, the building looked imposing, and I thought that if I hastened through the exercise, I might be lucky enough to inspect at least 95% of the arts on display, if not all. This was a terrible decision my part—I paid the price for such hastiness when I later went through the pictures I had taken and discovered, much to my chagrin,  that they were by far the worst set of pictures I had ever taken since I began handling cameras.

In truth, there were over 300 pictures that I took in this arts gallery. The lighting in many parts of this gallery, whether by design or accident, was really poor. I was just doing the good old point and click, and not taking care to adjust the camera for interior lighting conditions. The end result was that a lot of the pictures I took of these great works of art were unfortunately blurry, damaged or spectacularly unimpressive. In fact, I can’t say that I am terribly proud of this work at all; it is probably the reason why I refused to post these pictures online for a long time.

If I had really weighed my decision well, I would have decided to take my time even if it meant that I only got to see a fraction of the arts and craft on display. That would have enabled me to take visually stunning pictures or in the very least, obtained the names and labels posted for the different things I saw! I knew I was looking at the precious works of long dead artists, who through their talent captured their imaginations on paper and marble—the least I could have done was to have gotten the proper tags for the things I saw. How indeed could I even label these pictures? How canst I tell another of the wondrous works of art I did behold and of the artisans who fashioned them?

At any rate, I finally decided that it was better for me to put the pictures online for the whole world to see. Perhaps, someone might be inspired by the pictures as profound feelings and emotions are generated by what he/she might have seen. Or maybe someone may be spurred, upon seeing my pictures, to visit the gallery in person. Or it may be possible that someone more conversant with the subject may be able to recognize and tag some of the pictures.  If you are remotely interested in the arts, then by all means, indulge your eyes.

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  1. Beautiful pictures, I just wish I was able to go to the National Gallery of Art when I visited DC in may, maybe when I come back to DC next year, that will be one of the few spots I make. Again, beautiful pictures! 🙂

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