NFL Picks: Week 2

Last week I pulled off a pathetic 47% with my picks. If I was a betting man, I guess I would have been in pain last Sunday. However, let’s see how badly I’ll perform with this week’s picks.

Seattle Seahawks AT Pittsburgh Steelers = Pittsburgh Steelers

Oakland Raiders AT Buffalo Bills = Buffalo Bills

Arizona Cardinals AT Washington Redskins = Arizona Cardinals

Tampa Bay Buccaneers AT Minnesota Vikings = Minnesota Vikings

Jacksonville Jaguars AT New York Jets = New York Jets

Chicago Bears AT New Orleans Saints = New Orleans Saints

Green Bay Packers AT Carolina Panthers = Green Bay Packers

Baltimore Ravens AT Tennessee Titans = Baltimore Ravens

Kansas City Chiefs AT Detroit Lions = Detroit Lions

Cleveland Browns AT Indianapolis Colts = Cleveland Browns

Dallas Cowboys AT San Francisco 49ers = San Francisco 49ers

Cincinnati Bengals AT Denver Broncos = Cincinnati Bengals

San Diego Chargers AT New England Patriots = New England Patriots

Houston Texans AT Miami Dolphins = Houston Texans

Philadelphia Eagles AT Atlanta Falcons = Philadelphia Eagles

St Louis Rams AT New York Giants = New York Giants


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  1. Uhmm nice picks for this week. Hopefully, you will do better this week than than last week.
    Still go Chargers even though they are playing against Pats this week. Gotta cheer for my home team! 🙂

  2. Ahhh, I love bets and NFL picks. Where have I been since? Last week, all my picks were right except 1. I still pick the Falcons against Eagles

  3. LOL Bruno. You must not like Vick a lot, huh? Well, you turned out to be right. The Falcons beat the Eagles in a fiercely fought battle. The final score was 35-31. Two great and powerful birds of prey duking it out

    For week three, you can put your predictions up against mine and lets see how we all do. Princess Juubs, you can do the same also. You guys may actually be better at this. 🙂

    For Week 2, I i did better than Week 1. I have 9/15 (or 60%) so far. Let us see what Monday Night game between the Rams and the Giants brings. With a correct pick i’ll improve to 63%, and with an incorrect pick, I’ll drop off to 56%. Either way, I am going to be better than Week 1.

  4. I will wait for Week 3 and I guarantee you that I will go 15/16. I was born for this.

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