NFL Picks: Week 3

This week’s Monday Night football promises to be very interesting: it is a showdown between the Washington Redskins and the Dallas Cowboys. We all know the bitter rivalry between the two teams and how they always give these division games their 110%. I am personally not  invested in the outcome of this match one way or the other; I’ll simply watch to see who eventually emerges victorious. At any rate, let us consider these:

a)      The Cowboys usually beat the Redskins whenever they meet in these division games. I don’t have the exact stat, but if you go back and check, you will see that in the clashes between the Redskins and the Cowboys especially in the past 10 years, the Cowboys have won the clash far more than the Redskins did.

b)      But Tony Romo the Cowboys quarterback is not very healthy this time around. He has a fractured rib and a punctured lung so I actually do not expect him to be on the field at all. There are reports that the punctured lung has healed and that it may be possible for him to play. If it is true that he has recovered, and he actually does start, then I expect that the Cowboys will be victorious.

c)      The Redskins have a real shot at defeating the Cowboys in Dallas this time. Their quarterback Rex Grossman seems equal to the task. Besides, I expect the Redskins defence to go after Tony Romo with blitzes if he does play. A powerful hit on Romo—one which ends his night—will surely have a demoralizing effect on the Cowboys. The reason is very obvious: the Cowboys are better when Romo is at the helm.

d)      The Redskins are 2-0 while the Cowboys are 1-1. This means that after week 2, the Redskins are at the top of the NFC East. This is going to provide extra motivation for the Cowboys to play their hearts out to defeat the Redskins as that would mean snatching the leading position at the NFC East division. I am going to pick the Cowboys to win this epic Monday Night Battle; but I note that for two straight weeks, I chose the Redskins to fail and they won both times.

Jacksonville Jaguars AT Carolina Panthers = Carolina Panthers

Houston Texans AT New Orleans Saints = New Orleans Saints

New England Patriots AT Buffalo Bills = Buffalo Bills

Miami Dolphins AT Cleveland Browns = Cleveland Browns

Denver Broncos AT Tennessee Titans = Tennessee Titans

New York Giants AT Philadelphia Eagles = Philadelphia Eagles

Detroit Lions AT Minnesota Vikings = Detroit Lions

San Francisco 49ers AT Cincinnati Bengals = San Francisco 49ers

New York Jets AT Oakland Raiders = Oakland Raiders

Kansas City Chiefs AT San Diego Chargers = San Diego Chargers

Baltimore Ravens AT St Louis Rams = Baltimore Ravens

Green Bay Packers AT Chicago Bears = Green Bay Packers

Arizona Cardinals AT Seattle Seahawks = Seattle Seahawks

Atlanta Falcons AT Tampa Bay Buccaneers = Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Pittsburgh Steelers AT Indianapolis Colts = Pittsburgh Steelers

Washington Redskins AT Dallas Cowboys= Dallas Cowboys

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  1. Alrighty here are my picks for week 3 of the NFL, I will just post the winners in the same order that Godfather posted his picks.

    b. Saints
    c. Patriots
    g. 49ers
    h. Jets
    j. Ravens
    k. Packers
    l. Seahawks
    m. Falcons
    n. Steelers
    o. Cowboys

  2. Jaguars AT Panthers = Jaguars

    Texans AT Saints = Texans

    Patriots AT Bills = Patriots

    Dolphins AT Browns = Dolphins

    Broncos AT Titans = Titans

    Giants AT Eagles = Eagles

    Lions AT Vikings = Vikings

    49ers AT Bengals = 49ers

    Jets AT Raiders = Jets

    Chiefs AT Chargers = Chargers

    Ravens AT Rams = Ravens

    Packers AT Bears = Packers

    Cardinals AT Seahawks = Seahawks

    Falcons AT Buccaneers = Buccaneers

    Steelers AT Colts = Colts

    Redskins AT Cowboys = REDSKINS

  3. It turns out that I accurately predicted 15 out of 16 games last week. That works out to 94%. Count me completely amazed by this result. I guess i can only do worse at this point. I went from a 47% to a 63%, and from that to a 94%–all in the space of three weeks. i practically doubled the score from week 1. Well, I am not sure it would be easy for anyone to replicate this result or perhaps outdo it.

    Without being told, I know that there is probably no way I am going to be this lucky again this season–or perhaps post a better result than this. I wonder how well Bruno and Juubs did.

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