Gangnam Style

You’ve already heard this song called Gangnam Style by a South Korean named PSY. If you have not, seriously, in what corner of the world are you? 🙂 So, this is the song ( I think) that has the most views ever on Youtube–276,998,929 and still rising! At first, I started wondering what so was special about the song but as I listened to it, and saw parodies and flash-mobs performing the song, I realized that the song had a more global appeal than I had previously imagined.

Isn’t it amazing how YouTube (and the Internet of course) has revolutionized our world and made it seem smaller? One lucky chap in one corner of the world puts a video on YouTube and instantly becomes a global celebrity! Keep your dreams and hopes alive people–you never know how you’ll get that lucky break!

Here are other imitations for your viewing pleasure:

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  1. OMGGGGG…The world is coming to an end. You wrote a post on K-POP? And i haven’t heard this tune yet. Am more into the drama, but it sounds catchy. My head is already moving.

  2. u didn’t put the san francisco korean couples wedding video!!! SIAAAA! U ARE LATE JO! Let me also add that PSY is a stanford graduate and is very fluent on english! and Gangnam is the fashion capital of S.Korea!!! Oppa Gangnam Style! (I love Korea too much). ( .__.)

  3. This song made me realize that I am so happy to be black! Every one is following what the black cat is doing! I saw it in a magazine decades ago but didnt really pay attention.But hey! Its really true!

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