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Happy New Year

January 1st 2013 is almost all but over. I want to use this opportunity to wish my readers a happy and prosperous New Year. May this year come with lots of pleasant surprises and may your aspirations and prayers be fully met.

One thing though. My blog, Godfather’s Panorama is moving. Yes indeed, I am moving shop.

On Dec 12, 2012 (12/12/12), I created a new blog to replace this WordPress blog. Over the days that followed, I took the pains to build the blog and migrate all the essential and relevant content on this blog to the new home of  Godfather’s Panorama. Please click http://www.gfpanorama.com to go to the new blog to see how well you like it. Of course, if you do not like it, and if you’ll oblige me, I’d like to know why you do not like it; if there are changes and suggestions you think may vastly improve what’s on there now; or if there is another platform you think would best suit my needs. I promise to listen attentively and deliberate exhaustively on every suggestion. Everyone can learn something new, or at least gain from the perspectives of others.

Do not be sad. I’ll keep this WordPress on for a little while longer before I eventually dispense with it. But look on the bright side–there are fantastic new features on the new blog that I think you’ll enjoy.

For starters, when you go to GFP’s new home,  on the left sidebar, near the top, under the title “GFP’s Followers” you will find the invitation “Join this site”. I strongly encourage you to join the site by clicking that link. This way, whatever I write will come straight to your dashboard, or email as necessary. I may not be allowing random anonymous comments so you may indeed need to join the site.  The reason for this is that there is a lot of spam that comes through if you allow these anonymous comments. Secondly, the cloak of anonymity encourages bullying, the use of  pejorative or racist language and in short the sort of behavior that is inimical to civil public discourse. So please join the site and become a part of the community.

Now like I started to say earlier, my new blog has some nice new features that were not available on this blog. It has it own inbuilt Chatroom— yayy! You can talk to anyone in the chat room in real time. Invite your friends and you can sit there and have nice long friendly discussions. You can cam up and have face to face chats, or you can use the text bar to have typewritten discussions. If you catch me on there, feel free to give me a holler, ask me a question or engage me directly on any issue I wrote that you disagreed with.

GFP also has a movie theatre—GFP Theatre—that I am hastily putting some finishing touches to.  In the movie theatre, I’ll have  a bunch of movies, songs, and interesting YouTube clips and videos for your entertainment. You can actually watch and type chat with the people gathered in the room. In addtion, you can be cammed up with your friends while watching a movie. Trust me, just give it a try and you will not be disappointed. As usual, don’t forget that there is a contact page in case you need my undivided attention.

The new site also has the unique distinction of having a Google translation service built in. This way, you can read GFP in any of the major languages that you are comfortable with.  It also has a nifty inbuilt YouTube Video player, and other interesting things. So come along with me and you will surely find it worth your while. Let me re-emphasize: if you do not see much activity on this blog, don’t be surprised; it is only because the site has now officially moved. See you there!

Once again, happy New Year.


Happy New Year

I want to take this time to wish a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year to all my friends and family as well as all my readers. May the Good Lord be with you all exceedingly and grant the desires and resolutions you’ve made for this year. As always, we realize that in Life there will always be moments of sadness and loss mingled with happiness and bountifulness. The prayer is that may the happy and joyful moments far exceed the moments of pain, anguish and loss–for by such can we truly say that there has been growth and prosperity.

I’ll leave you as usual with one of my favorite New Year songs. Enjoy this tune from Abba.

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