2013 Conference Championships

Today by 3 pm  the battle for the NFL Conference Championships will kick off  to determine who will play in the 47th Superbowl. The NFC contenders will be San Francisco 49ers and the Atlanta Falcons while the AFC contenders will be the Baltimore Ravens and the New England Patriots later by 6:30 pm. As it is I have no dog in this fight, and to be perfectly honest, all 4 teams are amazing as far as I am concerned. Therefore I find myself in a bind trying to decide which of these teams to support for the Superbowl.
I have to point out that I have been seriously impressed with how the Ravens have continued to win in the post-season when reason says they ought to have been eliminated by now. Another thing, the New England Patriots might turn out to be their biggest challenge so far. If they manage to beat the Patriots, then they are poised to win it all. The Ravens will come into this game as the underdogs but they have shown remarkable resilience thus I would not be surprised if they manage to pull out a win. On the other hand, Tom Brady is very hungry for another SuperBowl ring having been frustrated in recent times when all bets were on the Patriuots to win it all. We shall see how these two fair today.
As for the 49ers-Falcons clash, anything really can happen. I am slightly tipping the 49ers to win but like I said, it may go down to the wire.
Who are you rooting for?

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  1. I don't think I should be using that Facebook comment box since I can actaully type my comments down here. I think that facebook box will serve for those people who want to leave a comment but are somewhat lazy to quickly sign up for a google ID or any of the available open IDs available.

  2. Smart decision on your part.

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