Jamaican Daggering

This is a dance style fashionable with Caribbean youth and can be seen in night clubs and other social events where dancing and partying is going on. It is called Daggering. Having watched the video, please can you tell me in what way this is not utter madness? What sort of insanity is this? The good book says to train up a child in the good way and when the child is grown, he/she will not depart from it. Parents who view this video must realize that it could just as well be their innocent sons or daughters out there on the streets daggering. That should motivate them to take up more visible and active role in their children’s upbringing so as to forestall this ugly possibility. If the people in this video are not under the influence of terrible drugs then they probably need their heads examined because there is no way any sane person will be caught doing that dance. Yes indeed, that way madness lies.

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