Armed Police Vs. A Protective Dog

To those apologists for police heavy-handedness, I’ll like to show you another heart-breaking example of police brutality.
In the video above, the cops have arrived at a house to make some arrests. A number of people have also gathered around with their smartphones and camcorders and they are recording the events going on just to make sure that there was not any now-familiar and alarmingly frequent incident of police ham-handedness—you know, the kind of incident where the people who have been sworn in to protect and to serve exceed themselves and take actions that are simply against the law that they are trying to enforce.
Watch closely and tell me why this man had to be arrested simply for videotaping the proceedings, or why his dog deserved to die. Is there absolutely no other way that this could have been handled to avoid this senseless police murder?

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  1. This man had this dog since it was a puppy and has raised it all this time. The poor dog–all it was trying to do is what all trained dogs do whenever they see their master in danger–they get protective. Besides, as anyone could see, the dog wasn't really going to bite the officers since his owner was telling him to back down. All that dog wanted to do was to frighten or intimidate BECAUSE of his owner's predicament.Reports are that this man was released from jail the next day, but they would not release the body of his dog to him for him to bury.

  2. justice must be done….LAPD are fund of harassing innocent people…ok am pissed sef

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