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Examining Morality

Professor Lee a.k.a Ryuu Lee begins:

THE MORAL ISSUE: I have had many skeptics ask me about the morally objectionable stance the God of the Bible took to have his “chosen people” wipe out the entire Canaanite civilization. While this seems a very difficult road to tread, with the premise that all life is sacred, and if God is a loving God, he would not order the wanton destruction of life, as it defies his very nature. I would like to invite fellow apologists and rational skeptics to come have a discussion on this weighty matter. 

I was invited by a friend to a special discussion that he initiated on Face Book. It was a discussion based on the thorny issue of the Canaanite slaughter and how that difficult biblical passage should be understood. Understandably, the discussion veered off to other equally interesting areas. In fact, before long, it became an in-depth discussion on  Morality.
As anyone knows, the comment box (combox) on Face Book is small. It isn’t ideal for making comments that may be longer than a few short sentences. When people see the length of some comment, they may be psychologically driven to skip the comment. Besides, it is not always terribly easy to format comments, or to respond to individual points raised within a comment on Face Book. For this reason, I sought permission from my friend (the discussion originator) to reproduce the thread on this blog. Furthermore, doing this will make it more readily accessible to the wider public i.e. anyone not my friend’s Face Book friend (and thus may not be able to see the thread).
Check out the lively discussion in the comments and feel free to contribute!
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