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The John F. Kennedy Center For The Performing Arts

I visited the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in DC and these are the pictures I took of this facility.


Here’s a  slideshow:

Wanna Buy A Nobel?

Apparently, James Watson has sold his Nobel Prize:

How much is a Nobel prize worth?
If you’re James Watson, who shared a 1962 Nobel for his role in the discovery of the structure of DNA, it’s worth about $4.76 million. That’s how much his 23-carat gold medal fetched at auction in New York City on Thursday night (the price includes the buyer’s premium).
The auction house Christie’s said the medal, which went to an anonymous bidder, was the first ever sold by a living recipient, the Associated Press reported.
Watson, 86, was there to watch the auction with his wife and one of his sons, the New York Times reported. After the sale he said he was pleased, adding, “It’s more money than I expected to give to charity.”
He said some of the proceeds would go to the University of Chicago, Cold Spring Harbor Lab, and other charities, the paper reported.
Watson told Nature that selling his medal was aimed at redeeming his reputation, which had been tarnished by comments he made linking race and intelligence. In 2007, he was suspended from his job at Cold Spring Harbor Lab after furor erupted when he suggested that black people are less intelligent than white people.

It is refreshing to notice that a lot of people, despite their educational level, can see through the hollow pretense—can see through the extremely thin patina of intellectual sophistication with which unvarnished race supremacists attempt to conceal their deep-seated racial superiority complex and of course their latent bias. So, it was quite refreshing to note that decent people all over did not allow themselves to be browbeaten, intimidated or forced into silence by the fact that James Watson was a Nobel prize winner. The repercussions were unambiguous and encompassing (as it should be).
However, there are millions out there like James Watson—ever ready to chase some ambiguous stats to tortured, racially discriminatory overgeneralizations. So, I suppose no one ought to be surprised that Watson would of course have people willing to bid for and eventually secure (with vast sums) his tarnished Nobel. All you can hope for is that in the long run someone or something succeeds in getting these sorts of people to change some of their poisonous racist persuasions no matter how much they twist and turn trying to mount an “academic” defense.
Just think—Charles Darwin was a deplorable racist, and wrote incredibly racist things, but has that dampened the high regard he enjoys amongst some racists who want to cover themselves with the umbrella of science? Not by a long shot! I am not holding my breath anyway.

Is Bill Cosby A Serial Rapist?

77 year old Mr. Bill Cosby
Is it me or has anyone noticed all these women that are now coming out to accuse Bill Cosby of having raped them in the past? I think there are well over 15 different women that are now alleging that Bill Cosby sexually molested them one way or the other. 
What’s Bill doing about this? Well, Nothing. 
His silence on the matter does not seem to be putting an end to the discussion unfortunately. So I have to ask: Is Mr Bill Cosby a serial rapist? 
At first, my gut told me that his accusers were just looking for hush money or worse, some cheap fame. At any rate,  as more and more women continue to come out to make similar accusations when there is perhaps no monetary incentive (and in some cases, no clear-cut path to fame) I am forced to ask myself if I was not perhaps being overly lenient towards and protective of a man who ought to be suffering the inevitable consequences of  his possible personal miscalculations and egregious misconduct. 
It seems that Bill Cosby has decided that the best course of action is to keep mum and hope that all these allegations would eventually die off. It may happen that way, but what about the public’s perception? It is clear that he is being tried in the court of public opinion, and his reticence has actually been hurting him. 
He is in a precarious position. Some of the accusations against him might, as a matter of fact, be absolute balderdash and some of them might have elements of truth. However, according to the statutes of limitations, he cannot be brought to court on any of these rape charges especially since there is no physical evidence implicating him–or rather, no physical evidence that will be admissible in a law court. So as things stand, Bill Cosby walks free. All this can be changed dramatically if a very recent case of sexual harassment and rape were to surface – i.e, one in which the statute of limitations for that misconduct has not lapsed. That will enable charges to be filed, and that will surely put Bill Cosby in front of a judge to defend against that allegation. 
Secondly, if  Mr Cosby were to start talking about some of these allegations – presumably denying some of the more preposterous allegations in some personal interview – he could unwittingly open the gate for prosecution. He would be asked about some of the allegations which he might have previously held himself and the alleged victim to some kind of confidentiality. His denial of those charges may void the agreement and then he would be open to prosecution. 
So, it seems that it is in his personal best interest to remain silent and let his lawyers do the talking for him. The downside is that public perceptions of his persona – as America’s television dad and a gifted comedian to boot – would continue to take a hit. Already his brand is taking a hit as some television stations have stopped airing “The Bill Cosby Show” while others are cancelling future business or shows that they may have collaborated with Mr. Cosby to produce. One thing is very clear: we have not heard the last of this issue; no, not by a long shot.
Do you believe that he is a serial rapist? Do you believe that he is being treated unfairly by the media? Are Mr. Cosby’s accusers credible? Share your thoughts in the comment box below.

Flavour – Golibe (A Translation)

Flavour N’Abania has indisputably become one of the iconic African musicians of our time. His music transcends national barriers and language, and is being played all over the African continent and beyond. As a matter of fact, he has global appeal and Africans in every corner of the globe cannot be any more prouder of such an illustrious son. Indeed, without question, he is living true to his chosen name in bringing melodious flavor to whatever musical masterpieces he features in. It is not surprising therefore to note the increasing number of musical collaborations he has been graciously invited to participate in.
Perhaps, the remarkable and laudable thing about Flavour—one which never ceases to impress me—is that despite his success, he has never forgotten his roots or his closest fan base (his Igbo audience). Many artists in his shoes (i.e who are enjoying phenomenal global success) would have long yielded to strategic business or financial pressure to modify or rebrand themselves (especially their music) to cater specifically to the needs of a global audience. Not Flavour. Yes, he might tinker around every now and then and drop a song that might be universally understood and appreciated. However, it seems his stroke of awe-inspiring genius comes shining through most brilliantly when he creates songs that seemingly cater just to his Igbo audience. Yes, those songs he renders in Igbo (interspersed with some English/Pidgin English) are his chartbusters, his crème dela crème, his magnum opus.
Here’s another powerful song Golibe, from his latest album (Thankful)—a song that appears to have been carefully created by Flavour for one beautiful woman that he wants to marry (and by extension, all his female Igbo fans who could understand what he is saying). Indeed, it is a musical kiss blown by Flavour to all womenfolk worldwide. Men can enjoy it only in so far as they identify with Flavour’s passion and wish to appreciate their own women with the same loving candor.

The words of the song will be rendered in bold font after which I’ll give an underlined direct or literal translation where necessary. Then, in brackets, I’ll explain in its proper context.
(Intro) Ebeii….Ahaaa….The Don…
Verse 1:

Otego m chobalu nwa di mma m ga-anu = For a long time I have been looking for a good girl to marry.

E don tey I’ve been searching for you = It has been a while I’ve been searching for you

Otego m chobalu asa di mma oyoko = For a long time I have been looking for a gorgeous babe.

E don tey I’ve been searching for you = It has been a while I’ve been searching for you

Fortunately, m wee fu nwata di mma = Fortunately, I eventually found a good/gorgeous girl

Anwunta atabeghi ya, baby na sweet pawpaw = Who has never once been bitten by mosquitoes, this babe is sweet pawpaw {here Flavour wants to really emphasize the overall pulchritude of this babe he found. So he rhapsodizes about her superlative beauty by stating that this babe was extraordinarily comely and well-formed that it appears she is altogether without any blemish—without as much as a single mosquito bite bump on her entire body—a seemingly impossible state of affairs judging by how prevalent mosquitoes are in this part of the world. This babe, he maintains, is sweet and fresh-looking like ripe papaya/pawpaw}
Baby get something, nekenu nwata nwelu something = This babe has something, just observe that this babe has something

Achalaugo nwanyi, nwa bu ugegbe oyibo =Aquiline beauty, this babe is an exquisite imported mirror. {Here, Flavour once again digs deep into the language for expressions that convey the magnitude of the lady’s elegance. Achalaugo or Achalaugo Nwanyi is a title/honorific conferred on the most deserving women. It literally means “the Glory of the Eagle”. You see, in Igboland, the eagle is considered the most regal, most rare and most admired of birds. A woman is bestowed with the title Achalaugo if the pervading sentiment concerning that woman is that she is of such rare, stunning physical elegance and appeal. Flavour concludes that the babe in question is comparable to a shiny, imported mirror}

Nwata makata mma lele…….makata makata = Look, this babe is thoroughly ravishing…..completely gorgeous {Flavour could have just said “nwata mara mma” meaning “this babe is beautiful” and left it at that. But check out what he does: in saying and repeating “makata makata mma”, he uses a present continuous form of “to be beautiful” suggesting that her beauty and radiance continues. That is, the lady is abidingly and continuously captivating; she is completely and steadfastlyglamorous}
Iyeeeeeeeeeeeeee…………makata makata = Awwwww……..completely and continuously beautiful

Makata mma……………..makata makata = continuously beautiful……overwhelmingly  beautiful

Iyeyeyeee……………….. nwata di mma = Awwwwww………gorgeous babe

I say, nwata makata mma lele…..makata makata = I say, this babe is perpetually alluring…..continuously beautiful

Iyeeeeee…………………makata makata =Awwwww…..overwhelmingly beautiful

Wololooooo……………..makata makata =Whoaaaaa….. overwhelmingly/continuously beautiful

loloooo………………….nwata di mma = lolololo………gorgeous babe

Nwata makata mma…….makata makata (she is so beautiful)=This babe is completely beautiful………continuously beautful

Makata mma…………….makata makata (she is so beautiful)=continuously beautiful……..continuously beautiful

Iyeeeeeee (baby m eee)……..makata makata, nwata di mma = Awww (my baby)…..completely gorgeous, this babe is gorgeous.

I say nwata makata mma……makata makata = I say, this babe is perpetually alluring…..continuously beautiful

Iyeeeeeeeee…………………..makata makata = Awwwww…..overwhelmingly beautiful

Nwata makata mma…………makata makata = continuously beautiful …overwhelmingly  beautiful

Lololooo……………………..nwata di mma = lolololo………gorgeous babe
(Chorus repeats)

Verse 2:

Golibe ……….Golibe = Luxuriate……..Luxuriate {Golibe means to enjoy oneself without stint; to revel; to relish one’s good fortunes without reservation. Here, Flavour is telling the lady in question to bask in the glow of her superlative beauty and good fortune; to luxuriate because of her exceptionally favorable circumstance}
Your mama born you well= your mother birthed you into good fortune {this is to be understood as being born with a silver spoon in one’s mouth. Flavour is saying that the girl in question was born into favor and good fortune [presumably because she was a ravishing beauty]}
Golibeyoyoyoi, nwata golibe =Luxuriateeeeeee, babe luxuriate

Ugegbe m oo,  golibe na mama yi musili yi ike =Oh my Mirror, revel because your mother birthed you well.

Golibeyoyoyoi, mma si na Chi = Luxuriateeeeee for beauty comes from God

Baby get something, nekenu nwata nwelu something = This babe has something, just observe that this babe has something

Anwunta atabeghi ya, baby na sweet pawpaw = Who has never once been bitten by mosquitoes, this babe is sweet pawpaw

Baby get something, nekenu nwata nwelu something = This babe has something, just observe that this babe has something

Achalaugo nwanyi, nwa bu ugegbe oyibo = Aquiline beauty, this babe is an exquisite imported mirror


{Now, the gorgeous damsel that is the inspiration for this song could realistically have had any name. Her asset was her beauty and charm and not necessarily her name. Not wanting to limit himself by mentioning just one Igbo name, Flavour decides to throw in a few names to stand in for the thousands of beautiful female names out there—a masterful way of dedicating this song not just to one woman but to womankind everywhere.}
So mma = simply beautiful
Ugegbe makata….. so mma = Ugegbe (Mirror) is beautiful…..simply beautiful.
Adaugo makata……so mma = Adaugo (Eagle Daughter) is beautiful….simply beautiful.
Iyawo makata………so mma = Iyawo (Wife) is beautiful…..simply beautiful
Nneka makata……so mma = Nneka (Mother is the Greatest) is beautiful….simply beautiful.
Ogechi makata………so mma = Ogechi (God’s Time Is the Best) is beautiful…simply beautiful
Njideka makata…….so mma =Njideka (What I have Is The Greatest) is beautiful…simply beautiful.
Adaolisa imakata……so mma =Adaolisa (Daughter of God) is beautiful…simply beautiful
Nkeiru makata………so mma = Nkeiru (The future is better) is beautiful…simply beautiful
Chinaelo makata…….so mma = Chinaelo (God Thinks of me) is beautiful..simply beautiful
Chinenye makata……so mma = Chinenye (God gives) is beautiful….simply beautiful.
Chikaodili imakata… mma = Chikaodili (Set aside for God) is beautiful…simply beautiful
Uh-huh………….so mma (5 times) {Here, Flavour does not mention a name but either fortuitously or by design, anyone (especially his female fans) can insert their own names—if they can get it to harmonize with the song—and in so doing, personalize this beautiful song.}
Oh yeah, Oh yeah, Oh yeah, Oh yeah, Oh yeah
Did this help you understand the song better? Please feel free to share your thoughts with me in the comment box below. Thanks.

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