Chat Room / Live Chat

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var tinychat = { room: “1godfather”, join: “auto”};

video chat provided by Tinychat

Rules and Controls:

1. To avoid an echo, everybody is required to wear an earpiece when broadcasting.
2. If you do not have one, then you can either use push-to-talk OR mute your microphone
3. The moderators (names with a yellow star) have the rights to close your cam if they determine that an echo is coming from your end.
4. Place your mouse over any screen for individual controls such as mute, hide cam, fullscreen.
5. To change your nickname, locate your name on the Active Users list and click on it
6. To send a private message (PM) to any user, click on their name from the Users list.
7. If you have any other problems with the chat room, or any other issue contact the moderator.
8. To disable notifications when someone comes to the room, uncheck the notifications box.
9. Be civil. Avoid spamming the room. Do not bully, harass or intimidate others.

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