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SNL Spoofs Ann Romney


Personally, I like Ann Romney. She looks and sounds very polished and First Lady-like. It is always interesting to see the wives of these politicians speak and show the fire in their bellies and the passion they often have for the political process. It is really noteworthy that despite everything that has been said, Mitt Romney is still the best candidate the Republicans could have offered.



Heckling Kat Williams

You probably know Kat Williams–the diminutive, caustic African-American comedian with a pimp swagger. If you have never heard of him, please do a YouTube search and listen to his stage performances. Well, here he is in Phoenix Arizona doing his thing  when all of a sudden a heckler decides to make himself relevant to the comedy session. Needless to say, the show went downhill from there as Kat Williams was only too willing, in his cautic and abrasive manner, to lay the figurative smack down on the heckler.

The sad part of this debacle is that it is going to open another vicious round of race wars between two of the biggest minorities in the US—Blacks and Hispanics. A lot of the things the heckler said was drowned out by the comic with the mic; a lot of his actions were not very clear and visible from this video. So it appears that for the most part, anyone who watches this is going to base their opinion mostly on what they heard Kat Williams saying as he responded to the heckler. For good or ill,  the question on many mouths is: Did Kat Williams go too far?

What do you think?


And now check out this football commentator in this match between Corinthians and Internacional:

First of all, if you have never played the exciting game of football (soccer) and you do not actively follow football, this may not make a whole lot of sense to you. But I present it to you all the same, perhaps, to see if I could elicit a chuckle from you.

You know, one of the things that make the game of football as exciting if not the most exciting sport ever is the antics of the commentators. For people like me who can enjoy a good soccer match regardless of commentaries, I’ll have to say that my experience is literally tripled or quadrupled when you have very passionate and committed commentators calling the game. It is the difference between a regular and possibly boring viewership, and one that literally holds you spellbound and glued to your seat in tense anticipation. And when, after much battle, a player manages to break the opponents’ defenses to score a gloriously majestic goal, some committed and talented commentators can literally make the blood rush to your muscles and the hair stand on your back as you scream with joyous abandon at what a talented player/team has wrought!

This is why I love to listen to Spanish and Arabic commentary when watching great games. I do not necessarily need the match info that people might glean from listening to boring English commentary. I am all about the passion, the energy and the beauty of the game—and when a goal finally comes through, I want very much to feel the supercharged and electrifying atmosphere in the stadium—I want that to come through from the energy and passion that the commentators bring to this beautiful game. So, at first, you may find this clip hilarious and that’s okay too. LOL. Just watch it a second time or possibly a third and imagine being on the field out there and witnessing this superhuman individual drive to goal-scoring excellence. Tell me it doesn’t give you goose-pimples watching that amazing goal! I’ll bet this commentator woke up the next morning and discovered he had lost his voice! 🙂

Please, if you have not watched a great soccer match with Spanish or Arabic commentary (Arabic commentary tops the list), you are missing some real excitement. Just try it and I want to guarantee that you’ll never be disappointed.  Please forget most of these dry English commentators—they can make you fall asleep watching the most exciting game of the year. It is a good thing that EA Sports, maker of FIFA 2012, have finally decided to listen to the wishes of the people, and with their next release, one can finally get that much desired passionate and ecstatic Arabic commentary.

Assalamu Alaikum!

If you have other clips of very exciting or funny football commentary, please do share! 🙂

Ipod Magic

I found this clip to be quite interesting. I watched it twice trying to see if I could spot the clever sleight of hand. Do you think you can figure out how he performs these techno-reliant  illusions?

Obama Brings “The Funny”

If you have not seen the recent White House correspondents dinner, then you really should. You should see Obama play the comedian-in-chief. It was a week that saw the state of Hawaii finally release Obama’s long form birth certificate shaming these ridiculous racist birthers. Why was Trump invited to this event, to come and get all these eggs on his face?

LOL.. enjoy the show.

And if this was not enough, here’s more from SNL’s Seth Meyers.

Kidnapping Oyibos

The plan was very simple: Kidnap a pair of foreign nationals working in the country. Then next, you try to negotiate a fat lump sum of money from the friends and well-wishers of the kidnapped for their safety. Of course, there is always the implied threat that if the countries or the multinational corporations that employed these foreign nationals fail to cough up the ransom money, the kidnapped would be executed.

But you need to treat your captives humanely, don’t you? You need to make sure they are not being tortured or under heavy duress, because doing so would raise the profile of a simple and ordinary grab-and-swap to something of a grave international public relations fiasco. And then Nigeria would have to send in seriously armed men to finish you and your crew. You need to keep your operation small, tactical and efficient. Don’t kidnap too many people at once. Don’t over-negotiate. Don’t invite public  scrutiny and above all, try to make sure it involves as little blood-letting as possible (after all, you are a business man not a barbarian, right?)

Well, that’s what AY and Mike, two cash-strapped and desperate novice kidnappers, thought when they kidnapped these two foreign expatriates  living and operating in Nigeria for a while and decided to collect a fat ransom on their heads. See how it turns out.

Naija’s 50 Cent?

Ladies and Gentlemen, its my pleasure to introduce you to the latest Nigerian rap sensation–Naija’s very own 50cent– who goes by the name Vic.O. This guy has been creating waves on FacebookYouTube or basically any video-sharing platform ever since he took the Naija hip-hop scene by force. And he is not looking back; he is not letting up. I hope you take time away from your busy schedule to satisfy your hunger for raw, unvarnished rising talent.

Here are a few more videos from him.

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Goodbye 2010!

Ahh… finally we come to the end of the year; the end of 2010; the last day of the last week of the last month of the first decade of the first century of the new millenium. Congratulations all.

Tomorrow’s date will read 1-1-11. Interesting isn’t it? Just seemed like not too long ago that people were so apprehensive about the whole Y2K bug. Hard to believe that was 10 years ago already.

From the US side of things, a lot has happened in 2010:

Tea Party rallies, Banks going broke, Increasing unemployment rate despite the economic stimulus and all that spending, Health care reform passing, BP oil spill crisis,  Bailouts for Greece, Mosques near Ground Zero, Finance reform, Justices elected to the Supreme Court, The end of the war in Iraq, The drubbing that Democrats took in the Midterm elections, The FIFA World Cup, Tension in the Korean Peninsula, Mountains of Debt, etc.

Let’s end the year on a high note. Please enjoy this funny jibjab clip. It is supposed to be a comical take on the events that transpired in the year.

Goodbye 2010. I  am wishing you a very prosperous New Year.

Whip Your Hair


Ok.. let me just come out and say it: No Human can dance better than this bird. Enuff said. You doubt me? Just go and watch Willow Smith’s “Whip Your Hair Back and Forth” song, watch the videos on youtube popping up to do the dance in the original song, and then compare that with what you have here.

This parrot or cockatoo beats them all hands down:)

(runs off to wipe the tears on his face from laughing too much)

Crying Parrot

LOL….a parrot crying like a baby. Imagine you are the owner of this pet and having to deal with this noise every night. Further imagine you have a real baby also and not being able to tell whether it is your baby crying or whether it is the parrot. Ok, also imagine, that your parrot and your baby decide to cry at the same in the middle of the night.

Are you getting the picture?

One crying baby in a house is enough. Now you have to deal with a crying parrot. Why would someone teach his/her parrot to cry like a baby anyway? In short, why do people even go out of their way to get these cacophonous birds as pets? What good are birds as pets anyway? All they do is sit in cages littering the place with bird droppings when they are not feeding. Or they are making all sorts of annoying tweets and chirps—or in the case of a parrot, crying like a baby!

Come on, admit it: a crying parrot is enough to make you start thinking of parrot stew or a parrot burger, right? Don’t deny it! 🙂

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