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Happy New Year

January 1st 2013 is almost all but over. I want to use this opportunity to wish my readers a happy and prosperous New Year. May this year come with lots of pleasant surprises and may your aspirations and prayers be fully met.

One thing though. My blog, Godfather’s Panorama is moving. Yes indeed, I am moving shop.

On Dec 12, 2012 (12/12/12), I created a new blog to replace this WordPress blog. Over the days that followed, I took the pains to build the blog and migrate all the essential and relevant content on this blog to the new home of  Godfather’s Panorama. Please click to go to the new blog to see how well you like it. Of course, if you do not like it, and if you’ll oblige me, I’d like to know why you do not like it; if there are changes and suggestions you think may vastly improve what’s on there now; or if there is another platform you think would best suit my needs. I promise to listen attentively and deliberate exhaustively on every suggestion. Everyone can learn something new, or at least gain from the perspectives of others.

Do not be sad. I’ll keep this WordPress on for a little while longer before I eventually dispense with it. But look on the bright side–there are fantastic new features on the new blog that I think you’ll enjoy.

For starters, when you go to GFP’s new home,  on the left sidebar, near the top, under the title “GFP’s Followers” you will find the invitation “Join this site”. I strongly encourage you to join the site by clicking that link. This way, whatever I write will come straight to your dashboard, or email as necessary. I may not be allowing random anonymous comments so you may indeed need to join the site.  The reason for this is that there is a lot of spam that comes through if you allow these anonymous comments. Secondly, the cloak of anonymity encourages bullying, the use of  pejorative or racist language and in short the sort of behavior that is inimical to civil public discourse. So please join the site and become a part of the community.

Now like I started to say earlier, my new blog has some nice new features that were not available on this blog. It has it own inbuilt Chatroom— yayy! You can talk to anyone in the chat room in real time. Invite your friends and you can sit there and have nice long friendly discussions. You can cam up and have face to face chats, or you can use the text bar to have typewritten discussions. If you catch me on there, feel free to give me a holler, ask me a question or engage me directly on any issue I wrote that you disagreed with.

GFP also has a movie theatre—GFP Theatre—that I am hastily putting some finishing touches to.  In the movie theatre, I’ll have  a bunch of movies, songs, and interesting YouTube clips and videos for your entertainment. You can actually watch and type chat with the people gathered in the room. In addtion, you can be cammed up with your friends while watching a movie. Trust me, just give it a try and you will not be disappointed. As usual, don’t forget that there is a contact page in case you need my undivided attention.

The new site also has the unique distinction of having a Google translation service built in. This way, you can read GFP in any of the major languages that you are comfortable with.  It also has a nifty inbuilt YouTube Video player, and other interesting things. So come along with me and you will surely find it worth your while. Let me re-emphasize: if you do not see much activity on this blog, don’t be surprised; it is only because the site has now officially moved. See you there!

Once again, happy New Year.

Birthday Cake….

Birthday Cake

You may have heard it said that birthdays are just nature’s way of telling us to eat more cake. I don’t know how true this saying is, and frankly I don’t care about cakes or birthdays. But on my birthday this year, as strange as this might sound to you, someone surprised me with a personal cake for my birthday. This year is the second year in a row that I’ve had my birthday celebrated in the company of friends and family. I am not usually one for big mushy moments, so l sometimes find myself wondering why my friends and family are always secretly organizing these overly sentimental get-togethers and putting me smack dab at the receiving end of suspiciously warm and elaborate well-wishes. At any rate, the event was a rousing success and it helped remind me once more the invaluableness of genuine friends and a loving family.

As for that cake, it did not have an amazing evening I am sorry to say. Hungry souls devoured the cake no sooner than I had dropped the knife with which I cut the cake. All’s fair in a gathering of hungry but emotional birthday well-wishers, and they did justice to the cake and the food that were prepared on that day. If I am alive to see another birthday, I hope I can have some much needed peace and quiet. You know what? I think I’ll just skip town when the time comes. Why? There is a limited number of times I want to see close friends and family get misty-eyed and cheerful at the same time.  What about you? How did you celebrate your birthday?

Happy New Year!

I wish you a colorfuleventful, and successful NEW YEAR!




Year 2011 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2011 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Syndey Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 17,000 times in 2011. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 6 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

Goodbye 2011!

Goodbye 2011

What a year this has been! It seemed just like not too long ago we ushered in 2011, and here we are at the end of it. Tomorrow marks the beginning of another year. Before you know it, 2012 will be over as well with a lot of events transpiring in it.

Towards the latter part of this month, I got incredibly busy—infact so busy that I didn’t get the chance to blog as often as I would have hoped.  I am looking forward to continuing next year, although it is pretty clear to me that I may not have much to say for much of the first month of 2012. At any rate, in the time that transpired, a notable atheist Christopher Hitchens finally succumbed to esophageal cancer at 62; and the North Korean leader Kim Jung IL died at the age of 69.

On the Nigerian front, we have been assailed by news of the terrible Christmas day bombing of churches carried out by Boko Haram in some parts of Northern Nigeria as well as the vacuous and insensitive statements coming from the Goodluck administration regarding this growing menace. We have seen the Barcelona football club trounce their eternal rivals 3-1 on their rival’s home pitch and how they went ahead to the World Club Championship in Japan and carried the gold. We have also noticed the less-than-satisfactory performance of the Redskins, the Eagles, the Colts and a number of other teams this year. We have seen Green Bay Packers continue to put up impressive numbers and wins thereby setting themselves up as the team to beat for the Super Bowl.

In the world of politics (as the year winds down), we have witnessed the eventual exit of Herman Cain from the Republican presidential race. We have noticed the nerry-go-round quality of the race whereby different contenders have seemingly had the opportunity to be head of the pack as the race goes on. We have seen how the Mitt Romney Campaign in these latter times have shot ahead of his rivals making him the prime target of vitriolic ads. We have seen how the hitherto neglected Ron Paul has suddenly shot into second place in the soon-to-be-held Iowa caucuses. It is regrettable that Michele Bachman has fallen to the last position despite her initial Tea party-backed support. We have seen a Newt Gingrich that is desperately trying to cling to the top position that he held about a week ago and the ensuing politics of bitterness between him and the Romney camp. We have seen a congress that has largely been incapable of coming together to do even the basic requirements expected of them because of the hyper-partisanship that dominates Washington. As a matter of fact, if I were to continue writing of the events that have seemingly transpired in the last few weeks of this year, this blog may suddenly become very long.  I’ll wait for JibJab to come up with a hilarious cartoon song recounting some of the major events that has happened this year.

But here is something to note. On the last day of every year, such as today, many people usually have some tradition or the other of welcoming in the New Year even as they pray and wish and hope for the coming year to usher in more prosperity and success than the previous year. Some people may even go to their various centers of worship to solemnly usher in the New Year with strong expectations of blessings from on high. In the end however, what we can observe is that the year that eventually comes unfailingly comes with its fair share of joys and sorrows. Indeed, it will be utterly impossible for any given year to note come with some degree of grief, disappointments, sorrow or some form of deprivation. Perhaps, it is time for people to factor these into their considerations even as they bessech the Almighty for continuing protection, health, long life, financial or material prosperity etc. Perhaps, it is time for people to realize that in the end, with or without their prayers, as it has been appointed unto them, they will unfailingly taste the milk of successes or fulfilled dreams as well as the bitter waters of disappointment or sorrow. This realization—that no matter the prayers offered, every one of us must come to grips with the not-so-pleasant vicissitudes of life—should indeed inspire us to soldier on and to learn from whatever lessons life has for us.

It is with this realization that I silently wish you a God-centered, prosperous New Year. May you reap the special blessings that have been ordained for you by your maker, and may you also learn and grow from the thorny experiences that the same maker specially appoints for you.

See you all in 2012!

Tired Of The Debates Yet?

The Republican Presidential Candidates

Am I the only one who is increasingly tired of these endless republican primary debates? I am convinced I cannot be the only one—the reasons seem fairly obvious to a great many. It just seems like every few days there is another debate on TV pitting these 8 or 9 presidential contenders in some unfortunate American auditorium, and the same boring and predictable talking points are rehashed ad nauseam. Why do they continue to bring us these televised borefests? Your guess is as good as mine, but I am dangerously close to tuning them all out.

The problem, as I have come to discover it, is that despite the shrill calls for Obama’s removal from power, coming from conservative quarters, the GOP has simply not found the perfect (or reasonably close to perfect) candidate that would energize their base and pose a great challenge to Obama. The candidate that would embody all the lofty ideals of the Republican Party (including the Tea Party of course) has just not materialized, even if we agree that the series of economically depressing news have so conspired to make the current incumbent look far weaker than he ordinarily should.

But why is it proving very difficult to find a candidate that would handily command the zeal and hope of the right wing? Why has Obama continued to enjoy a much higher nation-wide poll rating than any of the current contenders even in the midst of sobering economic news? Why is there still a significant degree of hesitation to join the ranks of those who are now thoroughly disillusioned by Obama? – Or by his spectacular incapacity to make good on all the promises and hopes that catapulted him to the White House?

The fact is that despite what we have seen in recent times on the economic front, there is a palpable dissatisfaction with the seeming inability of these GOP campaigns to enunciate a plan that is significantly better than what is currently obtainable under Obama. Obama may not be the ideal president, and he may have gotten a few things wrong with his policies, but the people seeking to replace him have not credibly laid out serious plans that would get the country out of the economic backwoods. It is not enough for these candidates to shout campaign trail slogans and afterwards direct interested persons to some obscure website where the full details of their plan might have been spelled out.

It is in this regard that I must commend Herman Cain for at least attempting to present something for people to mull over (albeit that upon close examination, his plan falls to pieces). Perhaps, rather than bring us the same boring debates where all we hear is “Obama is bad, Obama is worse than bad. Elect me and I’ll fix everything. You just trust me because I sincerely believe in Reagan and his policies”, these candidates should start speaking more robustly about the ways they really hope to be better than Obama at fixing this ailing economy. The time for the talking points are now gone. In case they haven’t noticed, anyone that has listened to a few of these boring presidential debates will unfailing point out that at this stage they all sound hopelessly the same.

But if the problem of the Republicans was merely the lack of a coherent central message, or the inability to present a credible alternative, I daresay that would have perhaps been more forgivable. Sadly, with each passing day, the current cast of contenders (by their own unique actions or inactions) continues to mesmerize the traumatized public with their unique self-combustion. From questions about Newt Gingrich’s injudicious and perhaps unscrupulous spending of campaign funds to Michele Bachmann’s ill-advised anti-vaccine rants and her unique campaign staffing troubles, the people are treated to severely embarrassing and unflattering gaffes that ought to give anyone pause.

What shall we say then of all these women that are now boldly accusing Herman Cain of sexual harassment? What shall we say of his bumbling, unpersuasive, gaffe-ridden attempts at damage control? Little more need be said about his utter inability or unpreparedness to give some coherent answer on a foreign policy question concerning Libya. Or should one assume that he was so preoccupied with stopping the sexual allegation steam roller that he had devoted all his energies into presenting answers that were as plausible as they are non-contradictory—to the point that he forgot to prepare himself for questions of a different sort? Or what indeed can anyone say of Rick Perry’s unfortunate but complete memory meltdown in a debate? In fact, the more you looked at the speeches and debate performances of the Texas governor in recent times, the more you wondered why anyone thought he was capable of independently expressing a thoughtful answer to any pressing national questions. You got the impression, if I am not mistaken, that all he was good at is reciting the lines he had been coached by his staffers, hoping that he still had a bit of southern charm and charisma to command your vote.

These unfortunate campaign fiascos detract from the overall appeal of the GOP candidates. At once, it presents a tale of disorganization and indiscipline; it makes people hesitate and ponder on the wisdom of trading Obama for people who have so-far proven themselves incapable of managing a campaign. As a sidebar, you have to wonder loudly why Ron Paul continues to labor under the illusion that he’d ever be nominated the Party’s flag-bearer despite his glaring libertarian preachments. He may ideologically be more conservative than liberal, but his position on a number of issues are undoubtedly frightening to the GOP faithful. You have to imagine that the only way Ron Paul gets the nod is if the current cast of GOP contenders woke up tomorrow and all evolved positions and talking points that lie ideologically left of his position—a remote possibility indeed. Also, it doesn’t take much to see that Jon Huntsman and Rick Santorum simply do not have the name recognition, gravitas or the campaign size and funds to effectively compete and as such can only hope to be selected for the VP spot.

In the end, it may be that the only candidate that realistically stands the chance of being nominated, barring any future spontaneous act of self-destruction, is Mitt Romney. Yes, he may have that healthcare issue to explain over and over; yes he may be a Mormon (i.e. not an evangelical Christian); yes he may sound somewhat unconvincing when touting his conservative credentials (precisely because he doesn’t come across as Tea Party material); –  but his discipline and consistency may be his greatest asset. In the end, it just may be that despite the fact that Romney doesn’t overwhelmingly excite the Republican field, he is the only one with the consistency, discipline, debating skills, foreign policy mastery, and the sufficient chops on the economy to mount a convincing challenge to Obama—thus necessitating that the GOP faithful hold their noses as it were to nominate him. This is of course based on the presumption that the GOP hopes to beat Obama next year by any means necessary.  However, the 2012 November presidential election is still a long way from now; indeed anything can happen before then to alter the present configurations. In any case, we are sure that Sarah Palin and Donald Trump are never going to be part of any future reconfigurations.


Just like D’banj’s OLiver Twist song has gone viral in Nigerian circles, prompting an avalanche of youtube videos of Nigerians spontaneously getting jiggy with the beat, there is a song which has also gone viral in Ghanaian circles. It is called the Azonto song.  All over the place you can see people eagerly stepping or dancing to this gripping song and dance.

Try to dance to that song and see how well you can replicate those dance steps, if you dare! Ok, let me get my dancing shoes and do the Azonto!

Happy 100th!

It is hard to believe but this blog has reached an important milestone. This is the 100th post. Hurray!

I still remember how I kept on dillydallying about setting up this blog. Finally, I was practically shoved into it. On the 11th day of November 2010, Godfather’s Panorama was born, and it has continued to grow since then. Frankly, I did not think that I’d have the commitment needed to run this blog, but as the days go by I find myself deeper in love with the WordPress Theme Team and their commitment to excellence—that in turn motivates me to want to do more. And so, as often as I think of throwing in the towel, I’ll take a look at my blog, note how aesthetically pleasing it is and somehow I find the inner strength to keep going.

However, I would not have reached this milestone were it not for you my faithful readers. Therefore this celebration is really for you. Continue to check in and leave your comments and feedback like you’ve been doing before.  Remember, if there are topics you would like me to consider writing about please click on the Guest page at the top and leave your suggestions.

I will not fail to recognize the highest commenters on my blog. Their contributions are greatly appreciated, and I hope they will continue to give me their unvarnished feedback.

a)      Nigerian Princess –57 comments

b)      Moladay –28 comments

c)      Siarani –18 comments

d)      Akinyemi Jegede –11 comments

e)      Trip Pen –11 comments

f)       Taee –11 comments

g)      Taee1 –10 comments

h)      African Kendoll – 8 comments

i)        Gateway360 –7 comments

j)        Lulu –7 comment.

Now to be fair, Akinyemi Jegede is the same person as Trip Pen, so his combined total is 22 comments. The same goes for Taee and Taee1—her combined total is 21 comments. In the future, I hope they’ll stick with one specific name so that their net comments continue to increase proportionately. Please keep the comments coming!

Raw Stats: GFP has a total of 447 real comments (including my own comments) scattered over 99 blog posts. Of course we know that there are spam comments out there, and unsurprisingly, GFP has somehow managed to amass a whopping 2,211 of them. The most commented blog was My Bunibuni Family, which was given its own page (of course you are still welcome to visit that page and comment if you have not yet done so). GFP has received 12, 173 blog hits since it was born. GFP has only 18 subscribers. Come on people, you may need to subscribe to the blog so that you’ll be automatically informed whenever I drop something new.

The blog’s 1 year anniversary is coming up in little under 2 months. By this time next year, my hope is that GFP would have grown the more.


Phoneblogging Test

I decided to test my blog to see just how good and up-to-date its interface with recent technology really is. I am sure that many people already realize this and do it regularly: to connect to and post blogs from their mobile devices. Well, I am testing mine to see if and how it works.

So far there doesn’t seem to be any problems at all. I will probably use this application more often than I used to. Can you do the same with your mobile device? How connected are you really?

Planking And Owling: An Idiot’s Pastime

So you thought that people were tired of that internet fad called planking? Oh wait, you don’t know what planking means? That’s great—it means you are probably more productive than the rest of us and you’ve not had the opportunity to endure the torture inflicted on innocent web surfers by people who seem to have no jobs or real pastimes.  Planking was probably invented by one lazy slob who imagined that the best way to have fun or get a work out was to suddenly drop facedown onto any surface like a sack of potatoes, and lay as perfectly straight and motionless as possible. And boy, the planking videos hit YouTube and went viral. I could have put some pictures or video clips in this post, but I am not going to, so that the owners of the pictures or video clips do not feel particularly insulted. You can do a simple YouTube  or Google search to see what this insanity looks like.

Suddenly all over the place, perfectly normal and sensible people would for no reason collapse on whatever surface they could find, lay there like corpses for a while, and proudly post videos of this idiotic activity to YouTube.  Please can anyone tell me why people who do this do not deserve to have people walk on their heads? Some go to ridiculous lengths planking between two objects. And even when some planking deaths were reported, it seemed like that was not enough to deter cretins from lying around like tubs of lard in random public spaces and feeling a profound sense of accomplishment. What—you think I am a hater? Well, go and plank on a train track then you moose-knuckle. I hope you accidentally plank over a well, trip and find yourself at the bottom of a deep, dark well. Ok, I am sorry; I don’t want some village to lose its idiot yet. But seriously, if you really want to plank, wait till you are in the safety of your bedroom, climb into your bed and plank like it’s no man’s business.

Who is the cackling maniac living in a dark, stinky basement that comes up with these silly fads anyway? I can understand if we are talking about some hilarious and crazy new dance step; I can understand if it is one new and entirely retarded hairstyle; I can understand if we are talking about some new physical fitness activity (I love parkour by the way). Instead we have remorseless wastes of human skin lying like boards or planks on random public structures and torturing us with their clips of this dim-witted activity. It is probably a good thing that I’ve not physically seen someone do this before. I think if some ninny suddenly did that right in front of me, I’ll treat his skull like a foot mat and walk on through. Oh yeah—you think the person would fight me? Well, I wouldn’t be worried about people whose wobbly knees give out so often that they find themselves collapsing like felled trees in public. You don’t believe me? Well, come and plank right here in front of me and see if your spine wouldn’t gain an acquaintance with my boots, you oaf!

Anyway, planking seems to be disappearing now. In its place, we have a new madness called owling. And yes, you guessed right—perfectly normal people would mount some structure adopting a crouching position that attempts to mimic an owl’s posture, video-record or photograph themselves doing so and bombard you with video clips or pictures of their ‘spectacular’ feats. And that too has gone viral. Madness has now found new expression in crazy stunts that quickly go viral. Who knows what next these jobless ‘geniuses’ will come up with?

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