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Olbermann Says Buh-bye!

The media world is buzzing about the sudden exit of Keith Olbermann from MSNBC. It seems to have been the natural result of a stiff and stormy relationship between Olbermann and his NBC bosses. Or so they speculate since one of the terms of the negotiated separation from Olbermann’s contract was that mum was going to be word on any personal inquiries into the cause of Olbermann’s sudden departure.

It cannot really be overemphasized how Countdown with Keith Olbermann helped to lift the cable network making it the liberal answer to Fox News. I suspect that he will be back somewhere in some form or fashion later on. I wonder what MSNBC will look like now that their slugger-in-chief is gone. Is he going to open an online media powerhouse of his own? Is he going to land another gig on television—preferably one that doesn’t exert too much editorial control over his style and content? Is he going to get a wild hair up his ass and go run for Senate? The House of Representatives? What exactly will he do?

Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

I’ll leave you with a vintage Keith Olbermann clip so that you can see the caliber of firepower that liberals and MSNBC in particular just lost.

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