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Happy 52nd!


This is to wish a happy Independence Day celebration to Nigerians and friends of Nigeria..

There is still much work to be done, but at least on one special day, Nigerians should take the time to drink and be merry and remember the day they were allowed by the Brits to be in charge of their own affairs. Check here for YouTube videos of different people performing the National Anthem.



Happy 51st!

This is just to celebrate with the millions of Nigerians both home and abroad on the 51st Independence day celebrations. On October 1, 1960, Nigeria formally gained her independence from Great Britain.  I realize that many Nigerians are cynical about all the  profuse celebrations going on when they look around and see economic hardship, general insecurity, political malfeasance, infrastructural decay, austerity, and general backwardness. They may wonder why anyone would want to celebrate a nation like Nigeria which must appear to be a failed state.

I recognize all these Brobdingnagian setbacks but nevertheless, I feel compelled to celebrate with people who despite the woes manifest in their homeland, are simply eager to acknowledge  and proclaim their Nigerian connections and pride. Of course there is work to be done, and I hope that beyond the fleeting mass hysteria and wild partying that October First induces, Nigerians of all stripes would find the time once again for deep and sober reflection on the nation’s abysmal state of affairs.  And having done such reflection, that they may find themselves sufficiently motivated to work for the greater good. This may seem like a mere wish to you, but for me, it is also a silent prayer.

Happy 235th

This great land is 235 years old today. Happy Independence day, USA!

I woke up rather glad that today was going to be another free and relaxing day for me. After a while, I turned on the television to see and hear patriotic preachments and songs.  The US national anthem is a beautiful song especially if you listen to a great delivery of the song. Indeed, in the past, I had already assembled a few performances from some popular names. If you scour Youtube some more, you will undoubtedly come across other excellent renditions of the Star Spangled Banner.

However, I am in a light-hearted mood as of the moment—of course this does not mean that I had not already affected the right amount of staid gravity when  the national anthem was being delivered. But I was driven, if I may be so bold to say, to search Youtube precisely for those scenarios where a song of such supreme import to Americans was royally mangled in a crass bumbling manner. Yes for laughs–and why not? Today seems as good a day as any to watch people make a total fool of themselves to the utter consternation of a horrified public.

Please check out these comical butchering but nonetheless pathetic renditions of the Star Spangled Banner.

And finally, I know this is a parody of Aguilera’s mistake, but it is hilarious all the same:

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