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Happy 51st!

This is just to celebrate with the millions of Nigerians both home and abroad on the 51st Independence day celebrations. On October 1, 1960, Nigeria formally gained her independence from Great Britain.  I realize that many Nigerians are cynical about all the  profuse celebrations going on when they look around and see economic hardship, general insecurity, political malfeasance, infrastructural decay, austerity, and general backwardness. They may wonder why anyone would want to celebrate a nation like Nigeria which must appear to be a failed state.

I recognize all these Brobdingnagian setbacks but nevertheless, I feel compelled to celebrate with people who despite the woes manifest in their homeland, are simply eager to acknowledge  and proclaim their Nigerian connections and pride. Of course there is work to be done, and I hope that beyond the fleeting mass hysteria and wild partying that October First induces, Nigerians of all stripes would find the time once again for deep and sober reflection on the nation’s abysmal state of affairs.  And having done such reflection, that they may find themselves sufficiently motivated to work for the greater good. This may seem like a mere wish to you, but for me, it is also a silent prayer.

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