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Heckling Kat Williams

You probably know Kat Williams–the diminutive, caustic African-American comedian with a pimp swagger. If you have never heard of him, please do a YouTube search and listen to his stage performances. Well, here he is in Phoenix Arizona doing his thing  when all of a sudden a heckler decides to make himself relevant to the comedy session. Needless to say, the show went downhill from there as Kat Williams was only too willing, in his cautic and abrasive manner, to lay the figurative smack down on the heckler.

The sad part of this debacle is that it is going to open another vicious round of race wars between two of the biggest minorities in the US—Blacks and Hispanics. A lot of the things the heckler said was drowned out by the comic with the mic; a lot of his actions were not very clear and visible from this video. So it appears that for the most part, anyone who watches this is going to base their opinion mostly on what they heard Kat Williams saying as he responded to the heckler. For good or ill,  the question on many mouths is: Did Kat Williams go too far?

What do you think?

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