Bunibuni Family

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A picture is worth a thousand words—so goes a popular saying. Therefore I am not going to bog you down here with my proclivity for prolixity. The video you are about to watch is the product of careful scrutiny, and a methodical but rewarding journey back in time to immortalize or memorialize the members of my Bunibuni family.  It was a collaborative effort as well, and I want to personally thank Buni/Bruno, Siarani, Princess Juubee and Molade for their invaluable assistance in making this a reality.
I wish to remind you that a fairly detailed list of the verifiable members of the Bunibuni family can be found HERE. Please try to read that page to understand the criteria with which the selection was made. That list however is not set in stone—as often as the room gets a sizeable number of new, verified and active members, the list will be updated again and again.
The same conditions apply to this short video. Here, we tried as much as we could, to obtain freely given or readily-accessible pictures of dearly beloved Bunibuni members. The goal is not only to foster a deeper bond between members, but also to help us remember the people we might have met in Bunibuni but of whom we may no longer be consciously aware or even remember.  Life does that to you, y’know—soon the memories begin to fade, the names become foggy and all that is left is a  blur representing all the months and years that you might have spent there.
Fortunately, it is heartwarming to note how Bunibuni has helped in connecting people all over the world. It is very pleasant to note the many reunions popping up here and there—some announced, others not so publicized; some large gatherings, others just between two people. It is deeply encouraging to note them all. Nevertheless, in as much as we might meet one another in these splintered groups—possibly based on geographical or financial considerations—we would still do well to spare a thought to the global Bunibuni family. The commemoration of all members of the Bunibuni family regardless of their location on this pale blue dot is precisely what this video aims to achieve. Obviously, it may not be possible to get the pictures of everyone on the detailed list owing to the fact that a good chunk of them are no longer as active as they were in the past. There is also the fact that some viewers may not have become members of the Bunibuni family when the detailed list was painstakingly and meticulously compiled. Please bear with us.
At any rate, if your name is on the detailed list but you were not represented in the video and you would have loved for that to be the case, indicate in the comments below. I will contact you personally later to help you make your wish a reality. Like I said previously, when we get a sizable portion of new people expressing a desire to be remembered in the video, this current video will be updated. So continue to check this space for updates.
Feel free to use the comment box below the video for all your comments, questions, suggestions, criticisms, and jokes. When I say that I have been blessed by knowing you all, and that I sincerely cherish you all (without exception), it comes from the very depth of my heart.

Lovingly and faithfully in your service,

Paa Kofi.

(Maximize the video for a better viewing experience)

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  1. Nice one Godfather you always inspire me to achieve the best i can in life. Remembering when you and buni, helped solve a course work online that was brought to you by one of the family member that shows the level of care you both have for us Bravo. I know am missing in the video but i would love to be included thanks.

  2. I am extremely humbled by your comments Kasino. The spirit of friendship and brotherhood which your comment evokes is what Bunibuni really should be all about sir. And yes, when I get the time, I plan to update the video to include all the wonderful people that have joined since the time the video was created. Have a great day Sir.

  3. Thank you. This is wonderful. We love you too! 🙂


  5. Godfather,Who would think u cared so much about us? i mean, i know u care about me, but all of us???? lol… JK. this video is awesome and i’m sure it was time consuming.Bunibuni is truly indeed a family to u and us all. the one year i spent with all these people has been the most dynamic year of my life. i know i would have done many things differently, but i am satisfied with the way things are now.i love u all my Bunibuni family!!! u guys helped me grow and taught me so much, so i thank u. i will always look at this video to reminisce about my time with u guys, and hope we have more fond memories to come!

  6. WOW Gofather i absolutely Loved every bit of this video.Made me cry U did Fantastic job…Also I ddint even know some of the people on this video some were new faces for me but atleast now ive seen them…I know now! I LOVED IT ❤

  7. Molade go away….Damn i was so slow i shud have commented looool ! ACTUALLY Godfathe ri was thinking OMG this is an oppurtunity Godfather show his face!! looool i guess not

  8. Paa Kofi , This was an awesome video showing all of old and newest members of the great website of Bunibuni. This video makes you realize how many people you have met around the world in this one chatroom.Bunibuni has a very special place in my heart because I know when I am feeling down and or even bored I know that I can go to bunibuni.com and someone will always be their to cheer me and make me laugh at the same time. Seeing all of these people has shown me that you can make and have friends online and these memories I know I will cherish for life.A special thanks goes to Godfather for reaching out me about this project and asking me to help in putting this project together.I know he could have chosen another person but he chose me and I want to especially thank him. May God truly and richly bless you all the days of your life, muahhhh

  9. oooops PS Paa Kofi and I am especially proud to be called your daughter as well…

  10. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH bestieeeeee why didn’t you hide my face smh -_-..This is sad but cool all in one. I can’t believe its been a year + that i’ve been on buni…I’ve met some interesting characters(you’re the most interesting/intriguing) …some annoying ones and some great ones. Believe it or not, I’ve learned some great lessons from that tiny chat room all those discussions we’ve had has opened my eyes to things I never even thought of or dreamed of before. Its given me a chance to become great friends with people i would have never known. It feels amazing to know that someone cares about me even though ehermm..i’ve never seen them before (lol). I love every single person in buni…its been great knowing you all, and I can’t wait to see all of you guys someday!

  11. WOW…OMG……..I had to pause…rewind….pause ….wait for my internet to load …..one word….”CLASSIC” godfather…..you never seize to amaze…….thumbs up!!!!!! the people you meet, connect with, believe in, fall in love with and sometimes get mad at.. all spread across the different continent.

  12. Pennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn where are you i’ve missed you so much.

  13. hey missed u 2 a lot…….we’ve gat loads to talk about. would buzz u soonest.

  14. Godfather, nice video we got some wonderful people in the Buni family and it is still growing. i am happy to be a part of it, (so next time i can be in the video too , LOL) anyways nice to have finally met you.

  15. beautiful work, highly thoughtful of u. it is something to be kept in ones library. these are people we never would have met but here they are captured in one piece and in their best moments and in their best smiles.

  16. Loool ok first of all…you almost gave me a heart attack with the ending…omg hahahahaha…if only u could see the way i screamed loooolBut this was so beautiful…wow we have truly come a long way and this video brought a smile to my face as i saw the old faces of people i met when i first got here, i just smiled because i remember the little things that they did to make me feel welcomed in the buni family and i truly miss seeing their names typing away in the lobby even though i am still in touch with some of them…I find it funny how there are some people I have never met but I feel like I know them cos of stories Ive heard about them…fingers crossed..one day they pop back in and i can get to know them first hand, and ask them if certain things they had said or done was true or not heheheand then there are those i have been priviledged to meet in real life…OMG amazing people…certainly cant wait to meet others that are outside UK…its a must,,,we gots 2 meet up one day loooland to those I have bonded with…friends for life…distance can never separate us…the love i have for u guys is truly amazing…my best friends, my companions, my husbands, my wifeys, my brothers, my sisters, my daughters (i dont have a buni mum yet lol), my daddy, my uncles…i love you all for real…and i thank God for having u guys in my life…Im glad I met you guys and never regret coming on buni…I have truly made some genuine friendships here and hold all of you: new, old, future, past and current buni members dear to my heart.We should have some sort of an online buni reunion where everyone comes to the room and meet 1 another..i know it’ll be hectic but its still possible loooolGF thank you so much for doing this video…it has truly brought back memories for me

  17. tae lolu ejire…… missed you much…..i guessed u’ve abandoned ur BB. how are u doing sha. hope we get to talk soonest

  18. pennnnnnnnnnnnnnnn missed uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu, hope u doing ok?

  19. peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen yes o i have abandoned my BB…it broke so i just left it like that,,,my yahoo id is taiye20@yahoo.com..please add me…i hope you are doing ok. I have missed u loadz..muaaah on ur forhead x

  20. Great job, GF. It is nice to see some faces I haven’t seen in a very long time. Makes me realize all of the people I’ve connected with. And. I am not sure if anyone else watched the video to the complete end, but the end of the video scared the crap out of me. So, thank you for that. LOL.

  21. This is very nice Godfather. I’m now seeing the old and new members of BUNIBUNI. Love the video and nice music.

  22. Hmm Paa Kofi, i don’t know the kind of words to use to express the love and care you have for Bunibuni family members. This is amazing, i smiled from beginning to the end of the video lool. God richly bless you for exhibiting such kind of LOVE for us. Yes truly this video instantly fulfilled its purpose immediately it ends, ” to help us remember the people we might have met in Bunibuni but of whom we may no longer be consciously aware or even remember.” Thank you godfatther. God bless you.

  23. This is by far, the best, so far. Classic, just classic, this just wonderful the end was scary though but I loved it so much, I’ve seen so many people that I know and those that I don’t know but I’m connected to them in some way and that just makes me smile knowing that I’m a part of their lives, this family, I love you all my Bunibuni family

  24. Dis is wow…..am speechless n breathless…….omg,when you told me abt dis video,I never knew is gonna be amazing like dis,I was happy n sober seeing dis video bcs I can remember d happy moments I had together with some of dis people and I miss dem alot dat made me sober, Godfather you are awesome,wonderful,one in a million, I am short of words, my gratitude is inexpressible. You did a very good job, well done,take a bow,everything about dis video is just perfect,d songs,d pictures,d names….lol,i remember d 1st time Teezy told me abt dis site…am like wat is she looking 4 about..am happy n glad dat am part of BUNIBUNI FAMILY bcs deres no site like dis.OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONE LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. I can watch dis video again n again…..I watched it twice already bcs i cant just take my eye of it tho d end was a bit scary…i guess dat was Godfather….lmao but frankly speaking you did a very good job,i never expected dat..nice video reunion……………muehzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz on ur cheeks GODFATHER .LOVE YOU ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!

  25. wooooow this is the besttt vid i hv ever seeennn,,,nice one GF,,but hmmm i almost broke ma chair cos de ending was scary ,,loool 100 merit great job bro,,LOVE MA BUNI FAMILY SOOO MUCH,,MUWAHHHZ TO U ALL

  26. Thanks godfather. I have been here a long time and it felt good seeing people i met, those still my friends and those fading from memory when we were meant to have kept the bond.

  27. Oh Wow……… Tears in my eyes, memories flowing. I have to admit that i have been on bunibuni for some time now. Time does fly by. It all started as a little chatroom called meebo by the movies n here we are growing, making lifetime friends etc. I remember those nights i’ll come back home tired but i log in meebo to talk with my virtual friends. Back then we didn’t even know what we look like and we didn’t care, it was fun no matter all the ups and downs and later livechat was created n it took it to another level.I especially made some great friends. I’m not trying to get anyone angry but Godfather you are so dear to me especially. From all my online friends i think you r the one i’m the more close to. You were there for me, listening to me when i was happy, needed advice, when i got heartbroken i came to you. You helped me settle some issues. You wiped away my tears. You are very dear to me and i feel blessed to have someone like you in my life that i can call my friend. Thanks for being a brother, a friend, a confident, the Dad i never had and so much more. God bless your soul.And for all the ones i met on bunibuni, I love you all. I’m glad to meet the ones i’ve met and i’m looking forward to meet the rest. It’s not just a website but we are family.Much Love and let’s stay together. Muah!!!GREAT VIDEO!!! GREAT JOB!!! FROM A GREAT SOUL!!! CHAPEAU ET BRAVO!!!P.S: Godfather you’ll pay for making me cry like a baby lol.

  28. WOW gfffffffffff. u almost make me share tears. omg this is great gf, i mean the greatest things i ever see since i started coming to bunibuni. gf i love the picx. and this even making me want to see u in real mehn. i neva believe that u so sweet and caring GF. and those ppl i dont even know them but thnx to u today i m able to see ppl i ve not seen in bunibuni be4. GF i really want to thank u and show my appriciation for this. U are the best i mean the BEST of ALL!!!!!!!!!!. a 1000 times THANKS TO U GF. may God continue to bless u and butter yr bread. STAY BLESS GODFATHER!

  29. hmmmmmmmmmmmm i waited till the end to see godfather’s pic but no way….(sad face) me love the video and i’m also happy to see one of my best pics in d video.thanks to gf,buni,sia,jube and molly for making this a dream come through…..I LOVE U ALL.hope we get the chance to do this again in our next world.much love hun…….gf muahhhhhhhhhh on ur lips.oops! did i just say ur lips? oh my bad, i meant ur forehead.BIZOU A TOUTE ET A TOUTES.NK_CHICK AKA PLAYA.

  30. very nice, i love it, Bunibuni, u too much 🙂


  32. Wow Godfatherrrrrrrrrrr Jiiii im veryyyyyyyy appreciative of d work u put into makin dis vid n it is veryyy beautiful….n it is beautifullyyyy doneeeeeeeeee im still wonderin y u made us cried thru d all whole video den scared d beejesus outta us? cheiiii dat wan no nice oooo…but i still loved it all kisses n huggssss!!!!!

  33. Really enjoyed the video godfather though i dont know many of the faces, hopefully they come around often and while im there. Im sure glad to be part of the buni family..Thanks again godfather.

  34. Have been here for only 3 months and have made good friends from this site.GF good work done and hope to see more of these in the near future.To all my buni family lets keep the peace and love alive.PEACE………………………………..SHOW aka WOHS

  35. What the hell was that SCARY ending? Do u want to kill me? You need 2 see how I flung my laptop and flew.. (shouting too) ahn ahn how cld u do something soooo relaxing n sooo sweet n end it with a SCREAMING ZOMBIE? hahahahahahahahhahaha dayummm dis was HIGH BP NARROW ESCAPE. Lmaoo. phew!!! Anyway, I LOVE THE VIDEO! it made me shade tears n smile at thesame time. I love my bunibuni family . Every single one of them.. and we Love u too GF. this is an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G VIDEO.. I am sooo speechless right now. but all i can say is I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE EVERYONE OF Y’ALL.. and plzzz lets not let dis family bond we have die cos believe or not, WE ARE MORE THAN JUST FRIENDS. Muah <3<3<3<3

  36. wowowowowo oh my God gf this is sweet i love it aww miss everyone here this is very nice thnx thnx muahhhhhhhhhh from me to uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu….

  37. Oh my goodness! Godfather u are amazing……….for someone to take so much time in doing a video that was put together perfectly; it is priceless. I do appreciate and i know others appreciate the hard work, love and time u have put to make this video. May God continue to bless u abundantly……..in fact Godfather come and take a BIG KISS……..MMMWUAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH……..lol…..Thank u, thank u, thank u………>x


  39. Simply captivating…creating a proper nostalgia between memories and wishful cravings for a prolong euphoria.Buni Buni is not just a community-But a family.

  40. You need a beating like i said before. thank u for the wonderful pictures but u need a whooping for the end useless man smh.


  42. lolz wow solid 35mins video haha swag s/o to godfather for making this video do it up #buniswag

  43. Godfather, if you were here, I’d give you a big hug because words would fail me…just as they are failing me now. I just cant tell you how touched I am right now. Thank you.

  44. awwwwwwwwwwwwww i love yall so much, i cant believe how much i missed ledi n jonalina etc. thxx godfather for the video

  45. Oh my goodness gracious, how the heck do i beat all these 30 something mushy comments? Damn i should have been the first, now i have to try and make someone cry with my comment. Well here goes nothing. OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG…..GEE_EFFFF this was something above and beyond. i will never forget the night u came into my Skype with this idea, gosh u were so excited that u thought i will think of your idea as KRAZY. You absolutely refused to tell me, i think i had to bring out my black-mailing chip in other for you to spill. When you finally told me i was like errrrmmmmmm….ok, that would be a great thing for the room.(oh i did for a nano sec thought you were KRAZY), sorry, but at that time i was doubting you locating all these people in order to get their consent to use their pictures.ANYWAY…..i can go on with the production of this amazing video, but yall will just be bored. So Paa Kofi i just want to extend my deepest and heartfelt thank you for being a part of all our lives. To you it might seem like you haven’t done a thing, but my dear i will tell u one thing; you are a blessing to every single one of these girls in here that you have taken under you wings to advice them as a brother would to a sister. Thank you for everything. Thank you for taking YOUR time to put together this wonderful and memorable video of all the amazing people that we have encountered over the past couple of months. It’s amazing how it has only been a year; gosh it seems like ages since i once had the pleasure of chatting to some of these people. And thx to you they shall forever be a part of my life as well as others.Also want to thank BUNIBUNI for setting all this into motion. Without him this would not have been possible. Buni/Bruno may God continue to shower you with blessings, may he open door ways leading to better pastures. You and GF are truly one in a million. WE LOVE YOU GUYS AND KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK….. MUAHHHHHZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ TO YOU BOTH. <3<3<3

  46. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Gf this is beautiful… i love the picture of me brings back memories……


  48. Naijababe, how can anybody forget the one and only NAIJABABE. You still need to come back and show us how to make moi-moi on cam

  49. I missed all the old crew….w/o them buni will never be da same…thanks guyz 4 ur wrk…muaaaaaaaaaaaaahz

  50. WOW Godfather i’m speechless………. I love you too.

  51. What is this? Why is everybody going all emotional about this. This is a waste of precious time. I even thought it was something tangible when they called my attention to this. I Hate this! So you can call me a hater, call me names, call me whatever you……(BURSTS INTO TEARS)…Omg! I am so speechless right now. My words are failing me. Where can I find the golden words to express my “muddy” thoughts? How can I ever pay you for this great thing you have done? How can I reward you for the effort and time put into this? Thanks for bringing my dream to reality. Yes, my dream! I’ve been hoping to do/see something like this but I’m glad someone finally did and I’m more happy you did. I guess like minds actually do think alike. I know many people really appreciate this but not as much as I do. I feel so special and honored for the captions on my picture. Thank you my big bro, My uncle, my teacher and my Mentor. You’re so amazing and I love you (yes homo!).God bless you.God bless me.God bless The United Nations of Bunibuni.God bless everyone!Yours Truly,Talented Mr_Sota

  52. Gf am sooo impressed u re wonderful i am soo happy to be part of this great family i wish one day i will see every body.thts a very nice job bro keep it up and thanks soo much for the love u have for us may God be with u…but i wish i can see your pics too but all the same i will be visiting u soon.

  53. Wow…. i am speechless , time really does fly. It was more of something to entertain me when i was bored then it became an addiction then turned into a family for me. I have met some incredible people in this chat-room , people that i look up to. In this chat-room we don’t care how you look but what matters is that one you are there more than twice you are considered family and received with open hands. To me this is no longer a chat-room i see it as a video conference with my friends. One thing i appreciate about this room is that the first thing they see is the good in you which i think is awesome. Well before i start writing a speech like i am never coming back i would like to say i love everyone in this chat-room (uh for guys def no homo) and i am still here whether you like it or not . Oh yea before i forget this video is awesome ,God bless whoever put this together and i would like to say all of us that our name start at M men we get too much swag joor . Hehe now i can say “I know all of you”(p.s. if you don’t get the joke uh you should have been at the ATL reunion then):)

  54. This is truly nice didnt even know i was still being thought of

  55. Queenie, where have you been?

  56. OMG!!…i feel like crying seeing all this beautiful faces…My heart is filled with JOY…GODFATHER, good job n more to your elbow….” family can so many extremes be reconciled and synthesized…..Only in the family do we have a lifetime in which to do it “….I LOVE MY BUNIBUNI FAMILY BUT LOVE MY REAL FAMILY MORE…LMAO!!



  59. hahahahahah pen. If u do that, i’ll be the one to get most of the ladies cos most of them are short. So think well my brother. loooolP.S: I miss u bro…

  60. nice one men i love it dawg

  61. OMG…..GFFFFFF! I’m speechless. you are amazing!. loved it! didn’t think I would be in the video… wanna say big thanks to you, buni, and the bunibuni family. I really appreciate it you guys are the best! muaaaaahzzzzzz xxx ❤

  62. Wow GF. You are amazing. I am so happy that I made the list. I did not know that people still remembered me. After watching the video, I started reading all comments and I broke down and cried out my heart. God will definitely repay you for the time and effort utilized in putting this together. I have forgotten some of the names but seeing their pictures really brought back memories. I will like to save a copy of this on the website, bunibuni.com.I just cant get to stop watching it. What I am doing now is watching it over and trying to pinpoint one or two things about the person. I saw Queenie, Stacy, Naijababe, TomJames, MizzKelllyz, etc. I think this weekend I will go through each name one by one in the chatroom and see if we can remember one or two things about each person.

  63. GF…! I must say that words ‘ll mos deffo nah be enuff for meh to say how i do appreciate ur work of creativity in compiling this bunibuni iNET FAM. And ulso to say that, it’s been so gr8 knowing and being friends wiv ul of you guys on bunnibuni, ya mean a whole lot to meh. To GF wiv personal notification, i say to you that, tho i’ve nah expressed meh gracefulness in being ur friend, todai i’m proud to say that you ‘ve helped in adding to meh growing up, more than i woz b4 in maturity and respecting ppl’s views.I wud ‘ve love to cul nymes of meh loved apprecia’ED friends but i might in the act offend others whose nyme might nah be noted here, so in a more beh’ah waez i say ONE LOVE, ONE FAM(bunibuni iNET FAM) to everyone…God Bless You GF( Meh bruvah 4life)Seeing ur Inter-Nollywood compilation of ul the fo’ohs has made meh realised that, i do have lots and lots of amazing friends, it’s guna be a stuck-on memory to love and live-on wiv 4life…THANK YOU!

  64. Very clearly a sweetheart. The songs, idea, thought was from a heart of love. Very lovely. I am not there, but I feel the love. Sweet. We need more positives like this.

  65. Wow! God father you are really the father if not that am a Mad man, i would have make a sensible comment here but its not my fault but what is good is good even for the mad people so keep it up my big bros! the sound tracks makes me keep watching it over and over again, i cant stop watching the big family of Buni, Am happy to be a member and happy to see the faces of some members that i ve known by name.1luv bro!

  66. omg u cuda used n up 2 date pic lol……i enjoyed seeing de faces 2 names i’ve chatted with….such a gud idea…thnx 4 de video sweety….much appreciated n luv u 2…….mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahzzzzzz

  67. it was soooo lovely , i feel like i knw some people more now…..oh by the way the finishing clip …not coool.i almost died….lolololol

  68. waow GODFATHER you are the best person i have ever know in my holl life for thinking about all of us this way MEN this real family thou LOVE U TOO GF

  69. I came back to this, GF. I remember the days I used to go on Buni so frequently. I met so many great people. I just cant tell you how dear this is to me. And to think you got a pick of me and my favourite non-human living thing in the world; my dog, Dream. AND its a pic of me, her, and her ex-doggie-boyfie, who has since passed. Bless your heart for all your efforts. You are appreciated.

  70. HomeGrown, your dog has a boyfriend?

  71. GF… WOW! i love this but my picture is not there … so i need a new video with my picture ooooooooo …. nice job bro … GOD BLESS !

  72. awwww how cutee… this was thoughtful of you to do.. must have spent alot of time doing them.

  73. Ahhhh…over a year later..I still remember this video. Hey Saga, many of these people have moved on. Such is life. But they’ll live and burn brightly in my heart. How the passage of time doth reconfigure realities!!

  74. So Frankstein is visiting me here in the UK and I was reminded of this video. I had my ups and downs with my Buni Family but then again which family doesn't have ups and downs? There were tears, fights, arguments, disagreements and breakdowns but most importantly, I remember the fun, laughter, games, reunions, joy, late nights and friendships that was built. I miss every single person that I met here on Buni and it would be great for us all to come online one of these days and just catch up.

  75. What's your bunibuni name, Anonymous?

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