Happy 100th!

It is hard to believe but this blog has reached an important milestone. This is the 100th post. Hurray!

I still remember how I kept on dillydallying about setting up this blog. Finally, I was practically shoved into it. On the 11th day of November 2010, Godfather’s Panorama was born, and it has continued to grow since then. Frankly, I did not think that I’d have the commitment needed to run this blog, but as the days go by I find myself deeper in love with the WordPress Theme Team and their commitment to excellence—that in turn motivates me to want to do more. And so, as often as I think of throwing in the towel, I’ll take a look at my blog, note how aesthetically pleasing it is and somehow I find the inner strength to keep going.

However, I would not have reached this milestone were it not for you my faithful readers. Therefore this celebration is really for you. Continue to check in and leave your comments and feedback like you’ve been doing before.  Remember, if there are topics you would like me to consider writing about please click on the Guest page at the top and leave your suggestions.

I will not fail to recognize the highest commenters on my blog. Their contributions are greatly appreciated, and I hope they will continue to give me their unvarnished feedback.

a)      Nigerian Princess –57 comments

b)      Moladay –28 comments

c)      Siarani –18 comments

d)      Akinyemi Jegede –11 comments

e)      Trip Pen –11 comments

f)       Taee –11 comments

g)      Taee1 –10 comments

h)      African Kendoll – 8 comments

i)        Gateway360 –7 comments

j)        Lulu –7 comment.

Now to be fair, Akinyemi Jegede is the same person as Trip Pen, so his combined total is 22 comments. The same goes for Taee and Taee1—her combined total is 21 comments. In the future, I hope they’ll stick with one specific name so that their net comments continue to increase proportionately. Please keep the comments coming!

Raw Stats: GFP has a total of 447 real comments (including my own comments) scattered over 99 blog posts. Of course we know that there are spam comments out there, and unsurprisingly, GFP has somehow managed to amass a whopping 2,211 of them. The most commented blog was My Bunibuni Family, which was given its own page (of course you are still welcome to visit that page and comment if you have not yet done so). GFP has received 12, 173 blog hits since it was born. GFP has only 18 subscribers. Come on people, you may need to subscribe to the blog so that you’ll be automatically informed whenever I drop something new.

The blog’s 1 year anniversary is coming up in little under 2 months. By this time next year, my hope is that GFP would have grown the more.



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  1. Congratulations GF! Good job

  2. Awwww congrats Godfather, on this awesome milestone! I know my 1 year anniversary of first opening my blog in less than 2 months away. I know when I get to my 100th blog, I will be thanking a few people.

    I will continue commenting on your blogs as well. Kisses and muahhh 😉

  3. Congrats GF. Keep it up. I know it’s not easy but thanks for the wonderful blog posts. I must say that reading through your blogs has definitely improved a lot in me including my reading, writing and vocabulary.

  4. Aww thanks a bunch Beautiful, Juubs and Bruno. That was definitely encouraging!

  5. CONGRATULATIONS GODFATHER…Lol I font know how I change name so often…I think its cos I sometimes log in using my wordpress and other times I dont. We should do something to mark this special occassion lol. Im actually pleased to see that I managed to reach your list. I love love reading your blogs and cant wait till the next 100 posts scroll in and I beat Jubbee by commenting more than her heheheehe. Once again, well done for your commitment and always putting something out for your readers, some of us need to fix up and follow in ur footsteps lol…im sure we both know who i am referring to hehehe xoxoxox

  6. Hey GF, well persistence and hardwork pays and you don’t know how many people you have rubbed on to pick up the noble profession of writing by creating a blog. Your blog is engaging, thought provoking and fun to read. From the content, topics covered and up to date relevance, you’ve kept it triple star rated. Please keep the good work going.

    The difference in name comes from using my phone or laptop to read the blog, Would make the necessary adjustments.

    Taee, that would be a tall order o! Going by statistics, Juubs is GF’s no1 fan. Hope you are good.

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